Assassinate Ad Block Blockers

You know those annoying content blockers that demand you remove your AdBlock so you can read the content? This script removes them by force. Please note, this is not automatically universal like AdBlock Plus. It operates on a per-site basis that the author must add.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2022-02-16

For years I have waited for someone to get past the paywall at perhaps you could take a crack at it?

Love your script. works amazing on the ny times.

Posted: 2022-05-06

Hi, Jeffery. I took a look at, and unfortunately, they gate their content behind a proper paywall. My script wouldn't be able to fix this.

Posted: 2022-05-07

re: Love your script. works amazing on the ny times.

Thank you! I created it for myself for several sites but eventually realized other people may like to have this resource.

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