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  •,,,,, Global Name Manager [Krunker Coming Soon] - Auto-fill nicknames into .io games! Supports,,,,,,,,,, and
  • AGARBOT.OVH/AGARIO Vanilla - Official Javascript client from 2015/2016 before emsscripten.
  • 'Delta - 999999 in 1 - Delta - extension for agario, mod collection. Zoom+, macro eject mass, double split, hot-keys, minimap, chat, helpers, themes
  • 2020 Bots - Best & Agario clones games bots + Big Bots For Sale! (BRAND NEW DISC: SUPPORT:
  • Features by Donut + Linesplit - Linesplit up, down, left and right • Diagonal linesplit with just one key • Hotkeys to show/hide skins, names, mass, food, chat, minimap, score panel, party panel and leaderboard • Auto respawn in Team Scrimmage • Leave a scrimmage match before it ends • You can change the keys as you wish