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Posted: 2021-03-11

Still love the script but I was just wondering if there was a way to tweak the shading/coloring of the nav arrows in some way? I use a 3rd party contrast extension that has the individual "families/categories" available for custom coloring, but not for the individual elements. Also, if it's not obvious I'm asking this due to my *almost* complete ignorance involving most things coding and/or how to interpret most any of it... **BUT** I'm at least competent enough to follow instructions in order to go to whichever line in the editor needs editing and switch out a color code or somesuch without it being a horrible ordeal to explain, hahaha. If you don't mind, of course. Thank you!

Posted: 2021-03-11
Edited: 2021-03-11

^^^DISREGARD PREVIOUS QUESTION^^^ Fixing that was embarrassingly easy, just glad I figured it out quickly instead of possibly wasting someone else's time assisting with something so asinine... **That said**, while sorting that out I remembered there's a less-trivial thing that I hoped to sort out through your script or at least learning if the behavior in question is a "Reddit thing" or not: I have a strong preference for the window's scroll-position in a comment thread to remain "anchored" upon collapsing a particular comment(i.e. scrolling the next comment to the very top of the visible window upon collapsing a comment is a highly undesirable behavior imo). As is the case in 1000+ comment threads, the top parent comments will have multiple child-threads and it becomes a chore if you want to navigate the individual sub-threads while keeping the original context in view, which is especially relevent once threads get very deeply nested. I literally scroll back every single time I collapse a comment to maintain that context too... Anyway, like I said I'm fairly ignorant on how to interpret code to figure out whether your script injects that behavior, but if it does I'd greatly appreciate knowing how to toggle it if it's a simple thing to do. Thanks again & apologies for the unintentional novella I ended up spewing out here...

Posted: 2021-05-25

Late response again, sorry.

The arrows were designed with the idea in mind that once you know they're in the bottom right, you don't need to see them anymore beyond a very small tint (at least until you mouse-over the buttons). It should be relatively easy to adjust with some basic adjustments to the CSS in the script, which you seem to have done fine.

As for disabling scrolling when collapsing comments, all you need to do is remove or comment-out line 105, scrollToY(entry). See attached picture.

Posted: 2021-09-10

Well I definitely can't fault you for being oblivious to correspondence since I'm clearly cut from the same cloth by easily forgetting whenever there's no notification to aid my memory... Until I have an "Oh yeah, that thing!!!" moment months later, as evidenced here lol. I unconsciously did the lazy-man solution for a thing that annoys me by forcefully disregarding it until I had the "insight" in noting that going to reddit perpetually put me in a sour mood, even when I *wasn't* reading shitty threads filled w/ shitty peoples' shitty words, haha. In other words: Thank you very much!

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