WME URComments-Enhanced

URComments-Enhanced (URC-E) allows Waze editors to handle WME update requests more quickly and efficiently. Also adds many UR filtering options, ability to change the markers, plus much, much, more!

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Hi Thanks for this nice script. Is it possible to translate this to Dutch? I'm a newby with scripts, but if you tell me in a PB how I can translate the text I will help with it. Thanks


Thank you, Remi. I have been working with WimVandierendonck for Deutsch a translation. It’s mostly complete. You have to have Deutsch selected as your language locale in WME settings.

I know he messaged you in regards to this. Please let either of us know if you need assistance. He is the lead for the Deutsch translation, so please discuss with him if you’d like to help.

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