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Rakky's Talibri Enhancer

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  • Plays a little audio tone when mats are low (less than 15).
  • Adds a progress bar for actions being performed.
  • Adds a little Actions counter on the stats bar.
  • Synchronizes actions counter between multiple tabs if you have Talibri open in more than 1 tab.
  • Displays a color coded active mats counter (less than 100 actions left = yellow, less than 15 = red, otherwise it's green).
  • Shows the number of crafts that can be done before running out of each resource in parentheses.
  • Displays gathering stats like Avg Mats/action, Time Til Next Mastery Level, etc!
  • You can click on the actions counter to reset the count to zero.
  • New Features planned for the future. I'll try to add new features every week!
  • Primarily tested on Cooking. But should hopefully work for other crafters. Support for gathering is planned. I'm a total noob at this, so let me know if you find bugs or have suggestions.

    // Changelog for 0.5.0 // -Changed the way I name my versions. This is now v0.5.0 instead of v0.0.5. // -Added data tracking for Gathering. (Crafting data is coming soon.) // -Now parses the gathering popup for all the information. (Crafting will get this soon too!) // -Fixed some bad logic in my progress bar code. // -Limited how often the data updates so it's not so hard on the cpu. holy cow. // -More crafting data is on the way. I am working on it now! // -Bugfix 0.5.1: Now parses correctly when you gather extra items due to equipment bonuses.

    // Changelog for 0.0.4 // -Removed the unneccessary HP/mana/stats UI meant for battlers. (This is a Crafter/Gatherer addon.) // -Added a progress bar for skills in action. // -Preliminary support for Gathering. // -Changed to using window.RequestAnimationFrame instead of using timers which should hopefully make things smoother and less CPU intense. // -Removed some jankiness since the script can now tell when a new page is loaded and reload its UI elements.

    // Changelog for 0.0.3 // -Cleaned up code a little bit. But it's a work in progress. Still a little messy. // -Added a few comments. // -Made it so if you leave the crafting page, the counter still keeps tracking your actions. // (It's estimated so may not be 100% accurate.) // -Now takes into account the mat cost to see how many actions you have remaining. // -Shows the number of crafts that can be done before running out of each resource in parentheses.