Listia Multi-Listing Edit Screen Opener

To open all your Listia listings in edit mode at once, add your profile name somewhere in your title or listing description, then do a search for that name. Ordering the listings by highest price and running this script, first substituting your Listia name for 'myprofilename' in the '//@match' line below, will open your listings in edit mode. The script Listia Mass Price Updater,, can be used in conjunction to quickly update prices by the same percentage for all listings.

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In order to have potentially all your Listia listings open on one page, you can add your profile name at the end (or really anywhere, including the title) of each listing description and then do a search for that screen name. In my experience, that process won't retrieve most of your gift card and all of your Bitcoin category listings if you have them but will retrieve all listings from other categories. You can then order the listings by highest price and run this script, substituting your profile name for myprofilename in the //@match line of the script comments.

This script will then open all your listings in edit mode, minus the ones mentioned which you can search for separately (or at least the ones where you added your profile name to the listing descriptions, it's easy to overlook some listings when doing this search preparation I have found). If you are also running the "Listia Mass Price Updater" Tampermonkey script, you can automatically update your prices by multiplying by a number you have pre-chosen and the latter script will additionally click on the "Update" button for you, completing the update process.

This means if for instance while viewing XNK prices on CoinGecko in the morning, you realize XNK has fallen 20% in value overnight and you need to quickly multiply all your prices by 1.25, you can do that for 100 listing maybe in less than 5 minutes and potentially save you money from unwanted sales at now unrealistic prices.

Report any bugs through the Greasy Fork System or PM me on Listia at username socrtwo22. I can provide some support on how to install and use Tampermonkey and the 2 scripts.