Pendorian Elite UI

Changes a large portion of the text and UI to 'Elite' blue and makes small changes to the UI.

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Pendorian Elite UI

Changes a large portion of Pendoria's text and UI to 'Elite' blue and makes small changes to the UI.

Every last feature can be customized or disabled, including the recolor!

A Lot of features are disabled by default, I suggest looking through them for settings you might like.

Created by Puls3!

Greasy Fork

Due to requests I have decided to start updating this script on Greasy Fork again. Note that while I plan to maintain it I would prefer users to use the official downloads linked below on either GitHub or the official Pendorian Elite UI website.

Greasy Fork removes the updater links from my script and prevents you from getting the most up to date code, exposing you to bugs, issues, and delayed patches. This was the primary reason I decided to stop using it originally.


You can find the Pendorian Elite UI Official Website here;

Official Downloads

Latest Stable Release (recommended)

Latest Dev Release (unstable)

Final 1.x Legacy Release

All Releases


  • First, download Violentmonkey.
  • Then go to the Downloads section above, and click the download link.
  • Violentmonkey will display a "confirm Installation" button, confirm the installation.
  • Refresh Pendoria.


  • Open up the Violentmonkey extension.
  • Open up the Violentmonkey dashboard.
  • Scroll to Pendorian Elite UI and click the edit button.
  • Scroll to the [Options] section.
  • Customize the values.
  • Refresh Pendoria.

Clone Policy

The most up to date clone policy can be found here, read it first;

A small notice for Greasy Fork users; While I am maintaining a download on Greasy Fork, I will not allow any version of this script to be released on Greasy Fork, use GitHub via forking the official repository instead.

This is subject to change, Puls3 maintains all rights to Pendorian Elite UI at all times.

Also, if all you're doing is small and useful changes, consider contributing!