Learns the wordlist each round and outputs possible words in chat.

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The script learns the word each after each user finishes their turn and adds it to a wordlist using localStorage.

How to use / Features / Updates:

  • Press ALT to get the bot to list the possible words into the chat. Note that the bot cannot be seen by others!
  • Words are sorted alphabetically for easier reading.
  • Fixed bot matching word without spaces to a hint that has a space (instead of ____ _______ = cheeseburger, it will match ____ _______ = fire hydrant)
  • Bot Chat now floats on top of chat window instead of disappearing among other people's chat.
  • Multiple Language support! Please read this Forum Post if you had version 0.12 installed before this update.
  • Fixed wordlist matching bug - _______ now matches ceiling not Big Ben.
  • Added more word learning from the choice of words when it's the players turn to draw.
  • (new) Fixed wordlist updater failing to update if partial word already exists in wordlist. eg. if "fly" exists then "firefly" is not added. Thanks to François Baré for the heads up!

Please note that the script will not show all possible words at first, as it has to learn the words. Due to this, the script works best by playing the game often or adding the words to localStorage by typing localStorage.wordlistEnglish = localStorage.wordlistEnglish + ',"wordhere"' into the console, where the wordlist should look like "","word","word2","word3" and so on. Replace English with the language that you play the game in.

Note: This does NOT automatically try all possible words, only lists the possible words so that you, the player, can know which possible words can be used!