Add [Delete] button on the post in Personal Page on Instagram. Directly delete post without confirm.

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This is a userscript for deleting your Instagram posts.

Now you can delete your posts on PC, without Yes/No Confirm. Deleting with free and quick.

Installation, Screenshot, and How to

Installation and Screenshot: oneClickDeleteInstagramPost On Greasy Fork

Users must install a user script manager first. Here is my recommend:

Or try any other user script managers as you wish. You can find a lot information about user script on Greasy Fork.

New user can't use the 'delete' function, unless you set safe_lock; to 0 in the script. This project is just for some special propose and shouldn't enable all time, but this project also has a feature about show description on personal page, cause some users may enable it even they don't need the 'delete' function. I made a safe_lock in order to protect data in case of misclick.

For question, please read Known issues.


Pull request is welcome.

Please send pull reqest to dev branch.


Usage statistics?

Nope. No infomation is submitted.

Data recovery?

This script doesn't record any data, that means: If you really delete a post, it will be gone, never come back. Script doesn't backup your data, nor the Instagram because Instagram doesn't have a Recycler.

Deleted is Deleted

This project is not responsible for any data lost.

Known issues

  • You need to reflesh the page in your personal page in order to active this script. (Fixed in 1.0.4)
  • Some personal page may have visual issues. I don't know how to get it or fix it yet. (Fixed in 1.0.1)
  • The img_alt of first 12 posts is something like Image may contain: *** or No automatic alt text available. now, not description if post any longer. (No desire to investigate)
  • The description of video post can't get shown. (No desire to investigate)
  • After you delete a post, if you scroll the page far enough and scroll back, the deleted post will be back on your page, but it will be unaccessable. (No desire to investigate)
  • Even if you enter a personal page which doesn't belong to you, the delete button and description are still shown, of course the delete function won't be functional. (Fixed in 1.0.5) (Still broken and no desire to investigate)



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