Quizlet Spell Auto-Giveup Countdown.

A forced, automatic, and short study session for spelling words you obviously do NOT know. Includes a short configurable break and an alarm to get them to come back when the break ends. Intended for use with kids.

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Alpha release.

Short Description: A forced, automatic, and short study session for spelling words you obviously do NOT know.

Long Description:
Quizlet Spelling game timer. To force kids who don't know how to spell a word to submit what they have written (if anything) and let Quizlet correct them. Useful for studying, especially for a completely new spelling list they haven't studied before. A necessary addition for perfectionist kids who will not type/submit anything unless they are 100% sure they are completely correct, even if there is no reason they should know the answer.

How To Use:
1) Download GreaseMonkey (firefox) or TamperMonkey (chrome) as recommended by this site.
2) Install this script using the install button on this site (refresh the page if you just installed your Monkey).
3) Go to your Quizlet spelling set, and click on the Spell game. Notice the new countdown and pause button in the bottom left corner.

How We Work:
1) The countdown gives them time to spell the word if they know it or make a guess.
2) If they fail to submit it before the countdown hits 0, then they don't know the word well enough to do a spelling test on it yet (the teacher isn't going to wait forever).
3) We automatically submit what they have, and Quizlet will show them what they typed, and the correct way to type it, while spelling it aloud to them.
4) Quizlet will then give them another chance to spell it correctly, directly after having told them how to spell it. If they were paying attention, they should be able to spell it now (if not, steps 1-4 repeat until they succeed).
5) Once spelled correctly, we move on to the next word.
6) After a few minutes (15 by default), an automatic break (5 minutes by default) occurs to allow their mind to rest.

Includes a break timer which forces a short break at set intervals (default, 5 minute break every 15 minutes).
Pause button allows bathroom breaks, but is limited to 2 presses per 5 minutes (to avoid abuse) and resets the break time.

Why include a break?
Breaks are necessary for a few reasons:
1) It allows the mind to absorb and process the information it has received. Your mind remembers best what occurs towards the beginning and the end of a study session. As a study session drags on, you become less efficient at retaining information. Phycologists recommend a break every 25-45 minutes for adults. I believe the time stands for children as well, so long as they are not actively against studying. The time was reduced, however, since most children see study time as a form of punishment, and are less likely to try to engage themselves in longer sessions.
2) It gives time to go to the bathroom, eat, etc. Some children become so focused on whatever they are doing, that they will NOT notice they need to use the bathroom until their pants are already wet... With a forced break, there is a better chance that they will notice and get up to go. Also, some children may not think they are allowed to go to the bathroom while studying, and wait for an adult to permit them to go otherwise.
3) A few dedicated, and slightly air-headed, children will not stop studying, not get up from the chair, and not take any breaks, until you tell them to stop. Even if after you tell them to study their spelling words, you leave to your neighbor's house, go shopping, take your elder son to a football game. They will just sit there for hours on end, studying, missing the same words over and over again, silently crying, and going on....
....This makes you feel a little less bad about that (by default 1/4 of the time is breaks, which my nutjob uses on Minecraft and Roblox).

This is basically a complete rewrite and slight simplification of my gravity break timer. Which was totally not written because of #3 in Why include a break.
This was added to complement that script, since our kid likes to stare blankly at the screen when they do not know how to spell it. After 5 minutes of staring and pressing the repeat button, I would always kindly go and try to press enter so it would tell them how to spell it. But the kid is quite feisty and would try to slap my hand away from the Enter key even though that's their only saving grace. Well... Try to slap this away :P