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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2024-03-29

Thanks for developing a great script.

The proposal is a new feature that will allow you to retrieve, write, and read templates through a CSV button. This feature will have the following benefits


- **Reduction of effort**: greatly simplifies the initial setup procedure.
- **More Efficient**: Increases productivity by minimizing repetitive tasks.
- **Increased Accuracy**: Use of templates reduces entry errors and increases data accuracy.

**Functional Details** 1.

1. **Click the CSV button to download the template file. **
2. **The user enters the scheduled road closure information into the downloaded template file. **
3. **Once input is complete, the template file is uploaded. **
4. **The contents of the uploaded file are automatically written to WME Advanced Closures. **


- **Flexibility**: Multiple template files can be prepared and used for different purposes.
- **Customizability**: Users can create their own template files.


- **Example of a template file**: Items such as date, time, location, closed sections, detour routes, etc. are pre-defined. Users can also add or edit items as needed.

The introduction of this feature is expected to make the management of road closure schedules more efficient, saving time and effort. The functionality can be flexibly customized to meet user needs and situations. Please consider this proposal.

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