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This is a continue developing script from Zorbing's since he has been inactive for a long time, with help from other players. It might be removed once the author is back and he ask to put it down. You can also download the codes, contribute your codes, fixes, or report bugs here http://diamondhuntonline.wikia.com/wiki/Guides/DH2_Fixed_temporary_fixes
Credits: bazzaspam, agrodon, ktnn
Demo feature's picture https://greasyfork.org/system/screenshots/screenshots/000/009/442/original/dh2script_demo.png

Change logs

Version 1.3.0 (2018-3-29)

NOTE: Current new calculators, click on the respective tools to use. They are highlighted by green color.

  • Orb tracker: pirate
  • Mining calc: pickaxe
  • Crafting calc: hammer
  • Woodcuting calc: axe
  • Bonemeal calc: bonemeal bin
  • Brewing calc: brewing kit (work even with low players who don't have the kit yet). You can sort your brewing calculator table by clicking on headers.
  • Magic calc: meditate
  • A general skill calc: at skill tab


  • Added a collection of calculators kit (see above). Added colors/hover for all of calculators
  • Improved fight dialogue with XP ratios.
  • Fixed the magic shop button (it looks prettier now)
  • Added chest type detection into activity log. Now it will show the chest type in the header title (normal, green, red)
  • Fixed red map notification
  • Added an option to disable the skill bars on top
  • Fixed boats notification returns to combat tab when user split it into cooking tab
  • Fixed pm tab being switched even when the new chat is disabled
  • Removed tomb notification temporarily
  • Fixed the grey button in boat dialogues.
  • Added red treasure map notification. Smitty forgot to add it so people with pirate ship may miss it.
  • Optimized the codes
  • Fixed oil gain caption of all oil items
  • Fixed the combat loot drop table with the new drop rate.
  • Fixed wrong enchanted SG pot image in loot table (png to gif)
  • Fixed missing dark tomb key image.
  • Removed all related-essence options in setting
  • Added charcoal factory's tooltip. Smooth the timer, now it's truely smoother

Version 1.2.0 (2018-1-30)

  • Fixed a critical bug that cause various bugs: an extra space in item tab, various tooltips, boat, hero stats tooltip, images, prom smelting times etc...
  • Added hero stats tooltips.
  • Fixed log selling warning.
  • Fixed farming tooltips.
  • Tweaked the img size bigger to fit with the cooldown.
  • Fixed XP bar changed color at 100 level, not 101
  • Fixed tab's font size when moving Magic and energy into new tabs
  • Removed disable hc market button
  • Added Charcoal Factory timer, caption and remaining charcoals display.

Version 1.1.0 (2018-1-14)

  • Added notification's settings for worker, Faradox tombs and Bobs uncle farm (the tomb's notification is disabled by default)
  • Fixed magic spell list doesn't show up
  • Fixed preset equipments not working
  • Small fix for the name, captions fix

New features

  • New 2017 sigils (party hats)
  • Rocket timer for mars (agrodon)
  • Bob's uncle timer
  • Bob's uncle notification
  • Vendor timer (agrodon)
  • Faradox's tomb notification

Bug fixes

  • Fixed progress bar at lvl 100 (bazzaspam)
  • Fixed chat tabs can't be closed for<=2 characters username
  • Fixed boating dock dialogue (agrodon)
  • Fixed farming tab timer donor
  • Fixed bob's uncle farm doesn't have plant name (agrodon)
  • Fixed worker notification
  • Small fixes for items/objects name