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Hide specified works on AO3

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Firefox 57+ users! Switch from Greasemonkey to Tampermonkey.

This script is for hiding certain works on Archive of Our Own works pages. You can specify works to block by tag, author, title, or words in the summary.

Please use this separate userscript ao3 savior config to set your blacklists and other preferences. Be sure that both this userscript and the -config one are enabled in your script manager.

If your script manager supports auto-updating, you can set this script to update, but not the -config one. The -config script will change much less frequently, but it would still change if the main script gets any new config options in a future update. Definitely do not have the -config script set to auto-update unless you are prepared to lose your config.

Debugging steps

If you find that this script is not working for you, here are some steps to solve common issues:

  1. Back up your config.
  2. Uninstall both the savior and -config scripts.
  3. Disable all other userscripts.
  4. Restart your browser and re-install both savior and -config. Don't enter your config now - leave both scripts unedited.
  5. Visit

You should see this in Chrome, and this in Firefox. If you don't, please start a new forum thread to report the problem.

Advanced debugging steps

If you've followed the above steps and found that Jar Jar is being blocked correctly, but your own config doesn't work, you can use Chrome's dev tools to quickly find syntax errors:

  1. In Chrome, open the dev tools with opt+cmd+i (Mac) or ctrl+shift+i (Windows).
  2. Select the "Console" tab at the top of the panel and paste the entire contents of your config script into the editable area. Press enter.
  3. Look for an error message printed in the next line, and click the link on the right side of that same line.

A new section of the dev tools panel should open up to show you exactly where the error is. Here's a gif demo.

If you don't see any error, or if you can't identify it from the dev tools output, include your entire config in a new forum thread.