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Hi, I've been trying to use the script but I couldn't make it work, the button to download the subtitle simply does not appear for me. I read the comments and tried using it with Tampermonkey, Tampermonkey Beta, Violentmonkey and Greasemonkey, but none worked. I was wondering if maybe you could check and help me? This is the link from which I'm trying to extract subtitles:

Posted: 2022-06-26

Can't check because I don't have an acc and that video is unavailable in my location. Can you watch that video yourself? Can you test on some other video?

Oh, I get it. I can indeed watch the video, as it is available in my location. I have also tested on these two videos (the latest episode from the TV Show The Boys) and , and the same still happen, no button for me... Thanks for the quick reply!

Posted: 2022-06-26

Then IDK. As I said, don't have an acc, can't check. You could try a different browser.

I have also done that and no change... But thanks for trying to help anyway.

Posted: 2022-07-09

Lívia, disable other browser extensions, especially NoScript, uBlock, Adblock etc., because they are messing with the subtitle downloader.
Try: Chrome + Tampermonkey + Amazon Video subtitle downloader.

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