MouseHunt - Spooky Shuffle Tracker

Play Spooky Shuffle more conveniently by keeping track of what you've already uncovered

Rani Kheir
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MouseHunters, you can put down your pen and papers while doing the Spooky Shuffle game!

This userscript will handle the manual labor of keeping track of what you've uncovered.
It does not play for you and it does not predict what the cards will be.

To use this script simply install it via Tampermonkey on Chrome/Chromium or Greasemonkey on Firefox. Once you open the Spooky Shuffle game you'll see placeholders with dashes below the cards. As you uncover cards the dashes will be replaced by the cards' names.

You can play from:
- Camp page
- Inventory (Special tab) - for this one search 'shuffle', then hover over Spooky Shuffle Ticket, then press on 'Play the Spooky Shuffle now!'
- Spooky Shuffle Ticket item page

Closing the page would not retain your state, so if you run out of tickets then take a screenshot or write down your progress before closing it.

Disclaimer: Using scripts/add-ons/tricks are at your own risk!
That said, this script is quite harmless. Mini mention of this script on here too 😉

 Save ink and paper - save the world!