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Focus on immersive experience, 1. Block ads, directly access popular pictures 2. Use user to enter the way to search 3. Search pid and uid 4. Display original image and size, picture rename, download original image | gif map | Zip|multiple map zip 5. display artist id, artist background image 6. auto load comment 7. dynamic markup work type 8. remove redirection 9. single page sort 10. control panel select desired function github: https:/ /github.com/Ahaochan/Tampermonkey, welcome to star and fo

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Review: OK - script works, but could use improvement

Posted: 2021-03-14

Posted: 2021-03-16
我这两个浏览器 其中一个什么扩展和脚本都没有,图片大小全部是635KiB(651086 Bytes),f12这图的响应标头content-length: 651086
Posted: 2021-03-22
Edited: 2021-03-22
图片地址 请求图片大小 下载后实际大小 像素 dpi
master 702KB 684KB 800*1131 300
original 652KB 635KB 800*1131 96

这个问题,只能问pixiv了。 正常来说original都是比master高清的。但现在dpi反而master的更高。

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