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A user script that lets you quickly switch Google search to different region.

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Posted: 2017-10-14

Small Issue

Did not work on so just modify the include to:

// @include         https://*.google.*/search?*
// @include         https://*.google.*/webhp?*

And it will work.

Regards !

Posted: 2017-10-14
Edited: 2017-10-14

Oups! it did not work with the Encrypted Google search since the "search sting try to localize not only the search but the TLD


When you search from Google encrypted you must keep

So in this example I wanted to restrict the results search to Canada instead of worldwide.

To have it work the new reformatted URL should be

The &gl=ca stand for Goolgle Location and the ca for Canada

The &hl value you use is just to change the interface language NOT the results themselves.

If the intent of the script is to restrict the search results to one country you should only add &gl=2lettersCountryCode instead of &HL=2lettersCountryCode

Personally I find it more useful to change only the results of the search and not the GUI since the interface is always set in my main language and IMO it's more consistent.


Posted: 2017-10-15

As far as I know, there is no difference between and because Google uses HTTPS (encrypted) by default since 2016. So you may just use

Changing TLD does give priority to results in that region, and people can also see some results outside of that region for reference. You can use search tools menu to restrict the search results.

I will consider adding more detailed options in the next major version.

Posted: 2017-10-15

There is a BIG one difference for me "" does not default to your country (via IP) and also it doesn't show AMP stories.

Most of the time I don,t want privileged results for my country so is more neutral and give me more relevant results.

When I want results for a specific country I've add &gl=2lettersCountryCodeto my query and I keep the same GUI but the results are privileged for the country I've ask for.

Regards ?

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