Yet Another Weibo Filter

filter Sina Weibo by keywords, authors, topics, sources, etc.; modify layout

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NO Greasemonkey 4 support yet. And NO schedule for this also. Although PR is welcome.
Users with Firefox 57+ may run this script by Violent Monkey.

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Yet Another Weibo Filter

Major Functions

  • Hide, fold, or, highlight feeds by content, author, source, etc. Define filter rules by dragging;
  • Shilled all kinds of Weibo, such as Ads, fans top, vote, liked by friends, red packs, iask medical; hide Spamming and charting;
  • Automatically load, filter, and, notify new feeds; Disable lazy loads on home page;
  • Clear all kinds of modules, icons, red dots; Remove Ads; Hot topics filter; Use square avatar;
  • Merge left and right column; Larger feeds, larger font size; Customize font family;
  • Remove spaces between feeds; Shorten distance of feeds control buttons, and reorder them;
  • Unfold Message in left column; Disable modules floating; Relocate side bar for all pages;
  • View original images; Unfold shorten URLs; Clear default topics in publisher; Uncheck follow presenter in topic page;
  • No line break between author and feed content; Unfold lengthy feeds by character count; disable line breaks in feeds;
  • Set page template; customize semi-transparency background; Darken nav bar; Classical nav bar layout;
  • Notification of script update; Show new features after import old setting backups;
  • Show locale time instead of CST in the page (for users not in UTC+8);
  • Normalize image size; move time and source to the bottom of feed;

Most functions of the script are disabled by default, you may need to enable them in the script settings.


Yet Another Weibo Filter (YAWF) {{version}}

Follow @YAWF脚本 for last update info.
Please help us spread the word if the script helps you.

If you find any bugs or have feature requests, please report them in the issues page, or send message to author. Please read FQA (Chinese) page for common questions.

The script is liscensed under the MIT License. Author is @tsh90. You may view the project on GitHub. Pull request is welcomed.
Some codes of this script come from 眼不见心不烦 (Weibo Cleaner) script.