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This script, just make inventory biggest!

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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 2017-08-21

German & question

I like your script!
But why do you overwrite "Inventory.categoryDesc" ? Now it's Italian for everyone. Can you just remove it, so everyone has his language again for the category description?

And here's the German translation:
de_DE: {
lang_select: 'Sprache',
language: 'Deutsch',
ApiGui: 'Dieses Skript vergrössert dein Inventar.',
contact: 'Kontakt',
title: 'Big Inventory',
update: 'Update',
updateAvailable: 'Für das Script ist eine neue Version erhältlich.',
name: 'Big Inventory',
msgme: 'Ingame Nachricht (Nur',
mailme: 'Schicke mir eine E-Mail',
Doppioni: {
tip : 'Duplikate',
upgradeable: 'Veredelbare',
noset: 'Ohne Set-Items',
sellable: 'Verkaufbare',
auctionable: 'Auktionierbare',
tipuse: 'Verbrauchbare',
tiprecipe: 'Rezepte',
tipsets: 'Set-Items',
tutteOpz: 'Alle',

Posted: 2017-09-07

Ok, i will review the script soon, thx m8!

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