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Linesplit up, down, left and right • Diagonal linesplit with just one key • Hotkeys to show/hide skins, names, mass, food, chat, minimap, score panel, party panel and leaderboard • Auto respawn in Team Scrimmage • Leave a scrimmage match before it ends • You can change the keys as you wish

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Posted: 2019-08-25

Overlapping in Scrimmage

So im playing Scrimmage and this happens : I am playing a game and it finishes, and im in the Queue screen. I want to change my skin so i click "Esc". Next thing i see is the Queue screen overlapping with the Menu screen. So basically if you ever edited a picture with layers, the bottom layer would be the Menu screen and over that the Queue screen. SO i cant change skins, nor go in settings etc. Please reply to me in Discord if you know a fix because it does it randomly. (my discord :Goaler#5126) Thanks. - Goalerzz

Max DonutAuthor
Posted: 2019-08-28

I could not find your Discord profile for some reason, that is why I reply here. Thank you so much for your report! The bug has been fixed. Update the script to the newest version in order to get the desired behavior right now.

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