KissAnime Downloader

This is a userscript that will download multi episodes form KissAnime.

This script has been deleted.

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This is a userscript that will batch download episodes form KissAnime.

Version 3.0

  1. Added support for IDM (Internet Download Manager).
  2. Added beta sever support.

How to Install

  1. Install Tampermonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey(Firefox)
  2. Install the script

How to Use

Visit a Anime page in Kissanime and at the bottom you should see some options like this:

  1. Start - Write the number form which you want to start to download(including it). Default value = 1
  2. End - Write the number of episode where you want to stop downloading(including it). Default value = Total number of episodes.
  3. Quality - Format example: 1080,720,480,360 - this would check if there exist a 1080p version of that episode if not than it will check for the next quality and so on. Other example - 360,480,720,1080 this will download the lowest quality possible. Default value = 720,480,360

  4. Select one of the options below:

    1. Text - Creates a text list from which you can download eposides in windows. See below "How to Download"
    2. HTML - Creates a html file with all links.
    3. M3U8 - Creates a m3u8 playlist (Play with VLC or MX Player).
    4. IDM - Creates a bat file which starts IDM (with the correnct episode name)
  5. Select one of the options below:

    1. Beta - Downloads form beta server
    2. RapidVideo - Downloads from rapidVideo
  6. Click the green download button

How to Download

After creating list.txt follow these steps

  1. Download and extract "Kissanime" or Download(Linux/macOS)


  1. Inside the "Kissanime Downloader" folder copy list.txt
  2. Run Downloader.bat
  3. Set the name of folder where to save the episodes.


  1. Install curl
  2. Edit the loaction inside the script
  3. Copy list.txt
  4. Run

How to Download with IDM

  1. Make sure that IDM is running and is installed into default loaction.
  2. Open the generated zip file
  3. Run the IDMan.bat

If IDMan shows errors while downloading just run it again.

Anime will be downloaded in Downloads folder.

Video Tutorial for How to Use