eBay on Google Maps

Show eBay items on a Google Map. Links from search results and individual items.

Auction Search Kit
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Script Summary:
Shows eBay items on a Google Map. Links from search results and item pages.

INSTALLATION (Mozilla Firefox):

1. Install the GreaseMonkey Firefox Add-On.

2. After restarting Firefox, click on the Install button in the top right of this page to install this script.

This will then add links to all eBay search results and item pages, as shown in the red circles below.

(Note: The buttons and links only appear on the page once it has fully loaded.)

The screenshot above is a combination of 4 pages - the eBay home page, basic/advanced search, search results and item details.

Items are displayed on a Google Map using AuctionSearchKit (http://www.auctionsearchkit.co.uk).

This script also adds an "Email Alerts (ASK)" link next to eBay's "Save this search". This provides an alternative way of setting up email alerts, with additional options e.g. the ability to specify a maximum *total* price and more frequent emails (hourly instead of daily). Note there is also a standalone version of this part of the script without the mapping links here: eBay Supercharged Email Alerts and a manual entry page here: http://www.auctionsearchkit.co.uk/alerts


Alert only bargains: A maximum TOTAL price can be specified (- not possible using eBay's "Save this search").
Be alerted first: Checks for new items every hour. (eBay checks at most once a day meaning you may miss out on the best bargains if someone else gets there first).
Visual emails: Photos and important details for each matching eBay item included in the emails.
Mapping links: Links for showing the items on a map included in the emails. There are also links for unsubscribing or resubscribing.

Example Email Alert: