PunyCode Protection

Warns on clicking links and arriving into sites which uses PunyCode.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-03-27
Thanks for pointing the problem!
It seems solved now?

With Waterfox Classic, I tested the "prof of concept" page:
This site is obviously not affiliated with Apple

It seems not have problem or mistake possible. now.
I can read the real address in the address bar:

On chrome, a message prevent to be redirected to a false site:
"Vouliez-vous accéder à apple.com ?
Le site auquel vous tentez d'accéder semble faux.
Les pirates tentent parfois d'imiter des sites Web en modifiant légèrement l'URL utilisée."
Posted: 2021-04-05

Sorry for the very late reply. My notification emails were moved into the spam folder, so I didn't notice it.

The script has been updated. Please check it again.

Posted: 2021-04-05
Thanks it work fine!
Just a precision:
My comment was to only to say:
All the actual browsers seems react fine on these exploit:
All show a warning about a possible false link.

Your script add one more to their own warning....

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