Auto signin - DH1 + DH2

You never have to sign in manually again with this! :D

Lasse Brustad
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You have to check out the script's config when it's installed to make it work!

That's not required in this script: Easy Signin

About the latest update

A new small code is added to ensure that you'll allmost never have to manually go back to the sign-in page if the server is down when you try to sign in and are ending up in most of the error pages ;)

Currently working features of this script

  • Separated automatic signin for DH1 and DH2
  • Automatically going back from error pages
  • Simple and readable script with a config in-script

Comming in the future?

  • A last update that will add the "Update" error page in the "redirect back" part of the script
  • Only Easy Signin will be updated in the future

Nothing special info here

I'm happy to see that I've got some downloads at this script!

I did think I was able to get less than only 10 downloads! but right now, I have 40!

The story behind this script!

I'm not sure how good my english in this story is, but I'm pretty sure you'll understand it :)

The reason why I developed this script was that my old network was bad and I got signed out from the game sometimes. I did think "why not build a short and simple script for my own to be signed in as soon as possible after getting signed out?" and built a 3 line code for it, very personal for my own. Then after a while, I was thinking "I guess someone else would like this script! but I don't think anyone would install a so simple script that requires them to change something in the script after it's installed" and did just make it a little easier to add your own signin info.

I did stop developing anything for about a month! I did actually forget how some javascript did work! Then I started developing a little again. After a long time of using this simple auto signin, some users said they had multiple users in use, and I knew that this script didn't work for multiple signins. I figured out an idea of how to develop an update for peoples with multiple users, I did think "I need to add a simple GUI to make this possible!" and started to develop it, but it was sooo bad coded that I kind of gave up on it for a while, it did actually not even work. One day, I took a look at the code from the signin page. I figured out a new styling method to use! I did build the GUI very easily while I was testing it, then I developed the script for it to be working. I had a lot of issues because I'm not even close to be professional. When I was done with it and did upload it as an another userscript (named Easy Signin) I was so happy with it, but I didn't want to build more GUI just to add auto signin into it! then I continued this one and added the last update where the script got the ability to redirect back to the signin page and try to sign in again if the signin didn't success! That's what I love about this script! It has it's own long story about how I was both learning more javascript and felt that I wasn't a good enough developer to build what I did want!