WME Place Interface Enhancements

Enhancements to various Place interfaces

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WMEPIE modifies the interface to provide additional functionality for Places. Options are available to show the size of area Places (configurable to display imperial and/or metric), display lock buttons on RPPs and show crosshairs in the information panel for a place so you can center & zoom on it (zoom level being configurable).

Newly created Places have additional options as well. Editing a RPPs address can happen automatically after creation (and focus in the House Number field) when created from the Residential Place option in the new Place menu (see below). The street name and city name can be pulled into a new Place's address automatically as well.

Modifying the Place menu itself is the most powerful feature of this script. The PIE menu allows you to customize each of the items in the new Place menu to be whatever category you desire! The category change happens real-time - when you change an option in the PIE settings the menu is updated with your selection; no need to refresh your window/browser. The new Place menu should look identical to stock WME (including Point/Area selection) with the exception of setting the categories that you actually want & use the most, instead of only parent categories!

With this customization, Residential is an option as well. Residential and Parking Lot, as should be expected, do not give the option to choose point or area - Residential are always points and Parking Lots are always areas.

While creating area Places, it is now possible to undo/redo node placements and finish the drawing without double clicking to place the final node. You will be able to undo down to the first node that was placed. Pressing Enter will finish drawing the place with the currently set nodes - ignoring the one that has not yet been placed.

Dedicated shortcuts are provided for creating residential and parking lot places, due to request. The default shortcuts for these are Alt+r and Alt+p, respectively.