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Tired of setting the movements for 50 ships in a fleet, by hand? So am I!

Inspired by my work in the Improved Ship List mod - I've gone into the ship view on the starmap screen and added a new Fleet tab which will be the home of what I hope will be an array of data and commands to make running large groups of ships easier.

For further discussion, see:

0.1 - Set Fleet Movement button is now under the new Fleet tab in the Ship Screen. Clicking this will set all ships in the same location to use the currently selected waypoints and destination.
0.2 - Can now set fleet speed for all ships that are not being towed to the current ships speed.
0.3 - Now tracks number of ships at the current ships location, and displays total cargo numbers for all ships there.
0.4 - Can now move forward and backwards among ships at the current location using the fleet specific back/next buttons.
0.5 - Checks fuel when setting group destination, adds button to display only ships with low fuel warnings
0.6 - Now supports use of [] tags for fleet names. [] tagged ships are treated as fleets. New forward/back fleet buttons jump to lowest id ship of fleet.
All previous functions now function in a group at location mode (as before), or in fleet mode (only will affecct fleet members).
0.7 - Adds minesweep, minelay, fighter, and torp information for fleet.
0.8 - Improved fleet information, fixed back/next behavior, updated UI to leave room for more buttons.
0.9 - Ready all/Unready all (ignores double checked ships), modified formatting to fit more info, added hook into fleet view mod