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Miscellaneous Improvements to the Ship List View

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Take control of your VGA Planets game! This add-on is designed to speed up your turns by catching and displaying common mistakes on the shiplist view, displaying important information, and even let you issue limited commands to your fleets.

-added columns such as Ship Name, Mission, Destination (with planet name)
-Color codes HYP capable ships to catch mistakes
-Highlights warpwell and other movement mistakes
-Color codes CLOAK capable ships to catch mistakes
-Color codes PILLAGE or RGA mission ships to avoid accidental friendly fire mistakes.
-Added command view which lets you set ready status, change missions, friendly codes, and set group destinations
-Added Fleet view to allow control of fleets of ships (works with my Fleet Mod)
-Added Complete Ship view to see all ships that are visible, friend or foe
-Added Whats Interesting Ship view - see any ships with potential mistaken orders or movements from a single view.
-And more!
Discussion thread with more information:
History of improvements - v0.1:
-Adds Ship Name back to the list
-Color codes ship names for HYPing ships depending on Destination Distance and FC.
Blue=no HYP set
Green=HYP set, distance is between 340 and 360
Red=HYP set, distance is no good. or Distance is between 340/360, and HYP not set.
Yellow=HYP set, distance is less than 20
-Adds destination field (suggestion by CB1).
-Now can activate/deactivate in the settings screen.
-When destination is a warp well, displays the name of the planet as well
-If on multi-leg journey, it will display the destination in red if the first leg is a warpwell within 3 ly of the current location.
-Checks for ships moving long distances at warp 1 (longer than 3 ly).
-fixes check for HYP so it looks at first destination, not just final.
-Checks FC's with any combo of lower/upper case letters
-Highlights NTP and BDM friendly codes in orange.
-Fixes bug in fleet view
--Color codes ship names for Cloaked ships depending on status.
Blue=Currently uncloaked - cloaking set
Green=Currently cloaked - cloaking set
Red=Currently uncloaked - no cloaking set
Yellow=Currently cloaked - no cloaking set
-If destination is 3-6 light years from a planet (just outside the warpwell), the destination is highlighted in Orange.
-Destination is also listed as in list view as Outside (planet name) Warpwell
v:0.8 -If speed is warp 7 or 8, and distance is between 49 (or 64) and 81 ly, the engine is highlighted in yellow as a warning.
v0.9 - Updated for new site. New message for HYP ships with FC set, but no movement
v1.0 - Updated for v3 API. Will now work with original and new client code
v1.1 - Added new tab with complete ship view from all races. This is an early work in progress. It shows ship name, hull, destination, speed, race id, and is color coded via my map coloring mod colors (it will use your local colors if mod is used).
v1.21 - Adds current location column. Clicking on your own ship will open the map view to the ship. Adds dynamic filter buttons.
v1.22 - Buttons are now dynamic as well (change from Show to Hide and back again depending on settings)
v1.3 - Can now set destination for all ships at a location from the Fleet View.
v1.31 - Can now change FC from the newly renamed Fleet/Command view.
v1.3.2 - can change checkbox status in F/C view (check and unchecked - double checked is considered a single check in this view).
v1.3.3 - Added the current ship mission as a new column in all views.
v1.4 - Can now set ship missions from F/C view (will not check if Cloak if valid - be careful with that). Complete Ship View tab is now available for client. Miscellaneous improvements for support.
1.42 - Fleet commands now sets all waypoints and updates destination text. Setting the mission will no longer allow cloak to be set improperly on non-cloaking ships. Can now click on left side of Fleet/Commmand view to jump to ship as in other views.
1.5 - Renamed Fleet/Command to Commmand. Command view applies to all ships at location, and will popup how many ships are low on fuel. New fleet view added (v2 only in 1.5.0).
1.6 - Fleet view now mirrors all functionality of command view. Will display fleet/flagship only, and can click on a fleet to show members. Clicking on fleet member will jump to that ship.
1.7 - Fleet view's set destination command only effect ships in that fleet. Fixed Fleet headers. Fleet lines are now bolded (ship lines regular font)
1.8 - Will check destination of ships with Pillage or RGA, and set mission status to red (own planet), yellow (allied planet), or green (enemy planet).
1.81 - Added Fleet View to the v3 client
1.82 - added new check for warp well dance problems (trying to go 1 LY into a warpwell, but going higher than warp 1), adjusted distances for Warp 7/8 movement checks
1.9 - adds experimental "Whats interesting view" for new client, which only shows ships that have a warning state
2.0 - adds "What's Interesting" view to original client. Adds speed/distance check for Gravitonic Accelerated ships.
2.1 - checks under mission for ships that are towing unfueled enemy ships to a planet set to NUK
2.2 - Checks for ships running out of fuel - engine highlighted in orange (or red - if also too slow for destination)
2.3 - Improved fleet view/added integration for location based fleets. Enter in the Ship ID, and it will treat all ships at that location as a fleet in the fleet view.
2.4 - Checks for Interception of Enemy ships without PE set
2.51 - Better distance checks (should go to 0.5 beyond the official distance), will check for warp 9 at just above limit (going 81.51 to 88 ly)
2.6 - Added new check for cloaked ships with PE set. This defaults to off, and can be activated under Settings.
2.7 - Misc fixes. New destination focused view in Fleet tab. Select a ship, and you can view all ships with the same coords for next turn. Adds Primary Enemy tracking to Fleet view.
2.8 - removes old code
2.9 - improves HYP handling. Less false positives for HYPing ships, additional checks for low fuel HYP situations
2.9.1 - Fix logic for intercept to remove false positive cases
2.9.2 - Updated URLs to support new version