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Color codes planets and ships by race on map

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Tired of seeing everything in Red and Green? Choose unique Race colors that are applied to planets, ships, and minefields for the new client - all configurable in the setup menu, or the diplomacy color picker.
This mod also adds a new unique look for webmine fields to differentiate from regular minefields.

This mod also contains changes to display the shipname whenever an explosion occurs, and a new button to clear all color notes set on planets.
For more information, the discussion thread for this is at:

This will not work with the original client. A mod for that client can be found at:

Works with Grand Melee races as well. For regular games, the default color scheme is:
// Race 1 (Fed) - White
// Race 2 (Lizard) - Green
// Race 3 (Birds) - Crimson
// Race 4 (Fascists) - Pink
// Race 5 (Privateers) - Lime
// Race 6 (Cyborg) - Magenta
// Race 7 (Crystals) - Yellow
// Race 8 (Empire) - Purple
// Race 9 (Robots) - Gray
// Race 10 (Rebels) - Aqua
// Race 11 (Colonies) - Blue
// Unknown/Unexplored - Tan
// Unoccupied - Chocolate

History of changes:
v0.4 - adds distinctive new look for web mines so they can be easily distinguished.
v0.5 - can now activate from the setup menu
v0.7 - can now activate/deactivate default player colors in menu
v0.81 - now saves settings to a cookie, when changed from the Settings Screen
v0.90 - First 11 race colors, unknown planets, and unoccupied planets now configurable from Settings Screen!
v1.0 - Fully functional! Uses color gradient wherever appropriate. Displays color gradient on Settings Screen (FF only, will tackle Chrome later). Code rewritten to be much cleaner and efficient. Also added button to reset all values to Mod defaults.
v1.1 - Chrome and FF color preview. Gradient colors for standard game races, info, and unknown
v1.2 Redraws colors on maps after any setting changes. Different sized circles around planets for Own Ships, Ally, and Enemy.
v1.3 - rewrote Settings changes to play nicely with other mods.
v1.4 - added in support for users changing colors beyond race 11 (settings page does not refresh, so hit the settings button again to see the changes).
v1.5 - modified to work with new site and client.
v1.6 - Note Colors modified to include first 11 race colors (this will only work if you added colors using the #XXXX type - I'll see what I can do to get color words working).
v1.61 - Note colors should work with words as well now.
v1.7 - This will now work with the v3 API ( Refresh is not working, so hit i and then o from the map view to force a redraw.
v1.8 - Will now show the ship name next to any explosions with v3 API (this is a separate script for those still on v2 API).
v2 - New version of mod for v3 API (
v2.1 - Fixes multiple bugs. Minefields laid in other races name are displayed with the Unknown Owner color (previously would not work with color mod).
v2.11 - Fixes bug which results in allied ships not appearing properly around planets
v2.12 - Imports performance improving changes from UI - should fix misc bugs and improve performance
v 2.2 New option to use Color Picker colors (on the diplomacy screen). New button in settings to reset note colors for ALL planets to blank.
v2.21 - changed include so doesn't run on old client
v2.22,v2.23,v2.24 - updated to work with Sphere
v2.3 - Modifies mouse-over text for minefields so you can tell if web or regular minefield
v2.3.1 - Minor fixes
v2.3.2 - fixes compatibility issues with new features
v2.3.3 - adds compability with new features from December 2016
v2.3.4 - adds compability with new features from April 2017
v2.3.5 - fixes problem where wrong colors are rendered for enemy/allied ships around planets when zoomed out.
v2.3.6 - added support for wormholes