The Amazon Review Tabulator - TART

Lists all of your reviews with vote and comment tallies, with updates highlighted

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The Amazon Review Tabulator - TART - is a tool for reviewers on Amazon. It will display a summary table of all of your reviews, including vote and comment counts. Reviews that have had activity since the script's previous run will be highlighted, to make them easy to spot in a scroll through the table. It is even possible to view only the reviews with updates, with no long scrolling necessary. Data is sortable, by column.

Any vote or comment count that has changed will be boldfaced, with a mouseover tooltip that reveals the previous number. Changed numbers in the footer or heading area behave similarly.

There are three optional columns, for All Votes, AVP and Vine. See Options, below.

Totals and averages in the footer are fixed to the window bottom, in the default setup. This feature can be turned off. Note that if the window is made too narrow, the fixed footer columns may not stay aligned with the main table; this is one case where a user may prefer not to have the fixed footer. Or, set a smaller font size. See Options, below.


When logged into Amazon, and viewing your "Public Reviews Written by You" page (this link, since Amazon has made it hard to find:, there will be a "Tabulate" link in the "Your Profile" panel. Click that. The script will download each of your 10-review pages, and retrieve the necessary information. During the download, a countdown will appear where the Tabulate link was, to show the number of pages that remain to be downloaded. Results will appear in a large table.

A delta symbol Δ appears near the Tabulate link, if the Reviewer Ranking or Positive Vote count has changed since the last Tabulate run.

Those pasting results into a spreadsheet may prefer Paste Special, to enforce uniform cell formatting -- since TART displays updated numbers in bold or highlight.

In addition to Amazon US, TART has now been tested on Amazon UK, and CA. It should also work on Amazon AU.


There are several options available by clicking the heart icon ♥ next to the Tabulate link. These include display modes (see below), display of a fixed footer, font size, row padding (height), optional columns, and highlight color (use a graphics program or online color picker to get the desired color code).

Display Modes

There are 2 display modes -- because I have not been able to get one, single mode to do everything I'd like. Select the Options panel, as noted above.

1) Enhanced Display Mode is the default. Results will be shown IN the Amazon tab. And, there will be a link above the data table, to toggle the view -- to show all reviews, or updated reviews, only. Sorting by column can be done in this mode. Another expected benefit of this mode is that it should be more robust for showing many thousand reviews. To get back to the Amazon page, refresh the tab. The downsides to this mode are that you can not easily switch between TART results, and the Amazon page, and, you can not save the TART results as an HTML file. To get the data into a spreadsheet, Select All, Copy, then Paste or Paste Special, into the sheet.

2) In Basic Mode, results are shown in a new tab, which means you can switch back and forth between the results, and your Amazon page. And, you can use your browser menus to save the results to an HTML file, if you desire. But, sorting, viewing of only updated reviews, and column selection are not available.

TART for Other Language Domains

I have had inquiries about making TART work in other languages, for other Amazon domains. Due to the amount of phrase searching and text processing, I do not think it's practical to have other languages together in a single script, cluttered up with a lot of conditional branching. And, that's on top of me speaking English only, and not wanting to maintain additional code.

I invite users of other language domains to fork TART to make it usable for others in your countries. New TART versions should be posted here on GreasyFork. I would then appreciate that there would be reference to me and my original work, in the source code, and on the new script's GreasyFork info page. I will link to versions in other languages.

Here is a version of TART in German, for, by Strg-Alt-Entf: