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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-08-12

Worked great on site I needed in Waterfox/Firefox -- https://thoclor.com. I rarely need this script but some sites really annoy me by preventing me from simply selecting text or right-clicking to look up the definition of a word, or Google for more info about a phrase. Sites that do prevent this, like scientific journal article publishing sites, are the exact places where I need to look up additional information the most. So, this script is very handy in those situations. Admittedly, I could just read the articles in reader view, or type the words into Google search, but this is easier when the spelling is tricky, or viewing the webpage in it's original format is necessary.

I understand why sites might want to prevent bots from scraping their copy-written work, allowing others to repost it for ad money. It saves them from having to constantly scour the net and request the material be taken down on thousands of garbage-sites.

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