See more without logging into Facebook

This script allows you to see more without logging into Facebook.

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Are you tired of seeing this message?...

See more of {name here} by logging into Facebook
Message this Page, learn about upcoming events and more.
If you don't have a Facebook account, you can create one to see more of this Page.

...well, by using this script you can easily remove this annoying box forcing you to register or login. It's a fork and also a mix of various scripts, combining various methods to remove this annoying but very persistent nag screen (partially using code from Scripts #21545, #27964, #28073, #395497 & #27689, so all the credits all goes to them and not to me). All my changes, if any, are now minimal and if I maintain and update the script, is only to help those to have this already installed. If anyone has a better/enhanced code, feel free to suggest it by sending me the code (posting it in the Feedback section).

» Changelog (2020.11.15): Now it supports mobile view and also hides the message telling you are using an unsupported browser, in cause you use and outdated one (an special effort is made to support old/legacy/obsolete browsers). It hides these screens:

Unsupported Browser / You're using a browser that isn't supported by Facebook, so we've redirected you to a simpler version to give you the best experience.

{name here} is on Facebook. To connect with {name here}, log in or create an account. / Log In or Create New Account

Donations: This script is free and will always stay free, so please don't feel obligated to donate, but if you choose to donate, I will be happy about it, and I'll thank you effusively! So, if you want to support the continuous maintenance of this script, please consider buying me a cup of coffee (any amount will be highly appreciated, even 1 DOGE). To donate, click here (and many thanks to all those who already donated).

- Bitcoin: 12CQrJsStkrZgiBLgffdXqHbEd4HRTYe1U
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» Update 2020: Believe it or not, nobody has donated a single penny/cent to any of those BTC/LTC/DOGE address (the money already received was not related to this script, since these address were used on other projects too, and it's been used back then). In pandemic times of Covid-19, your collaboration is more needed than ever (since I had to change my job, to a way-less paid one). If you can afford to donate, even an small amount helps a lot. You should know it your money goes for someone who really needs it (I live in Argentina, a country with a big economic crisis for years).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed.
Enjoy! :)

PS: Besides updating this script, I've stopped using/supporting Facebook a few years ago. If you want to get in touch with me, the best way to contact me, is finding me on the Rejetto's forum.