WME GIS Buttons

Displays the locality of the current location and provides links to open GIS if available

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UPDATE: Starting with version 1.5.0, you will need to provide your own API key to use this script. This change is due to the fact that Google no longer allows keyless API requests as of July 2018, which previously allowed up to 2500 requests per day. Please follow these instructions to provide your own key:
  1. Click this link to create a Google Cloud project and API key: Get Started
  2. Select "Places" and "CONTINUE"
  3. Select "+ Create a new project" and enter any name, such as "Waze", then click "NEXT"
  4. Choose any billing account. You will receive $200 of credit each month, which will cover 40000 requests through this script
  5. Click "NEXT" to enable the APIs
  6. Copy the API key provided; this is what you need for the script
  7. In WME Editor, click the status icon of the script (which will probably be a red key), and paste the API key
  8. Optional: You can set a daily limit of requests to guarantee you never exceed the 40000 free monthly requests. In the Google Cloud website, click "Geocoding API", then the "Quotas" tab, then click the pencil next to "Requests per day" and set it to a number less than 1300

Locality will show for any location, but GIS buttons are currently only functional in the United States. If you believe you should have permission to edit the GIS links of a certain state (especially if you are a State Manager), please click the appropriate link below, and request edit access for the sheet:

Future updates:
  • Support for feet/meters as dynamic coordinate parameters
  • Support for extent parameters, rather than center coordinates
  • Support for specialized links to Silverlight sites