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Stig's Album Linkr

Adding album links and headers to tracks on Last.Fm's recent plays listings - plus linkifying About Me section on profiles

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Stig Nygaard
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The primary function of this script, is to add album-links and "album-headers" in Recent Tracks and Library Scrobbles lists on profiles. Besides that it's generally nice information to have on scrobbles, this can for example also be helpful if you want to find or upload album cover art-work, especially if it is a new or rare album not (yet) available on the artist's album-overview page on

On every line in play-lists, album-icons becomes links to album (when the icon is not overlayed by a play-button). And when two or more tracks from same "album" has been played successively, an album-header row will be inserted above.

The script also has two "bonus features":
  • "Linkifying" the "About Me" section on user profiles, so any URLs written on profiles becomes active links.
  • Optionally add an Album Collage from to user profiles. This extra feature is somehow redundant to the possible "native" album collage further down on profile pages (Though users might here choose to have a list instead of a collage on their profile), so by default this script-feature is disabled. You can enable the 2x6 album collages via menu in your browser's userscript extension, as illustrated here in Google Chrome with Tampermonkey and in Firefox with Greasemonkey:

This script is primarily tested with Firefox/Greasemonkey, but quick tests with Chrome/Tampermonkey and Opera/Violentmonkey also looks fine. Also it has only been tested on the English site. Please, do let me know if it doesn't work on some of the localized lastfm.* sites.

Btw, I'm rockland on

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