GameFAQs - Print Version FAQ links

Adds the string '?print=1' to all of the FAQ links on a game's FAQ page, making them point to the lightweight print version.

Frank Rohrer
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GameFaq has gotten into a rather nasty habit of serving their FAQ pages with a ridiculous amount of extraneous javascript and bloated CSS; fortunately, they do provide a link at the end of each FAQ to a lightweight printable version.
Unfortunately, this link's at the bottom of the page, so if you want the lightweight FAQ page, you have to load the bloated page, and scroll down to the bottom, and then click the Printable Version link.

Originally, my solution was to move the Printable Version link to the top of the page, to cut out the scroll step, but why not go a step further, and not even bother with the bloated version in the first place?

The link for the Print Version is the link for the Bloated page with ?print=1 appended; this script replaces the links on the FAQ Index pages with links to their lightweight Print Version counterparts.