Stig's Facebook Homefeed Cleanr

Cleaning up the homefeed on Facebook. Removes or highlights Suggested, sponsored and paid content in the homefeed.

Stig Nygaard
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WARNING!: I plan to soon remove this script from Greasy Fork because I can't find the time and motivation to fix bugs and keep it updated. You probably don't want to install this.

Removes or highlights Suggested Posts and Sponsored content from the Facebook Homefeed in your desktop browser.

I don't mind ads on free commercial sites, but the Suggested Posts and Sponsored content inserted directly into the facebook homefeed feels very intrusive and disturbing. With this script I'm trying to clean the homefeed on Facebook for all "Sponsored" content and all "Suggested Posts".

Currently the script is designed for Facebook with English language selected only.

Primarily tested with Firefox+Greasemonkey (also with Greasemonkey 4 for Firefox 57+), but it should work too with for example Chrome+Tampermonkey and Opera+Violentmonkey.

In the future I plan to add more optional filters, including custom-filters defined by the user. I have however difficulties finding time to do the development, so progress is currently slow...

Now I just wish I could create an intelligent filter removing everything related to politics on Facebook. Politics is not doing anything good for Facebook (and Facebook are definitely not doing anything good for politics either). But I guess it's gonna be a hard one :-) ...

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