GitHub Custom Navigation

A userscript that allows you to customize GitHub's main navigation bar

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A userscript that allows you to customize GitHub's main navigation bar

  • The navigation bars that can be customized separately with this userscript include:
    • GitHub's main navigation bar found on the feed, user, organization and all repository pages.
    • GitHub's gist subdomain.
    • Works great along with the GitHub-FixedHeader userstyle installed.
  • Open the custom navigation settings panel to allow moving of links into or out of the navigation bar by dragging and dropping the links.
  • Add new custom links as desired.
  • JSON code can be copied from or pasted into this userscript settings panel to make it easy to transfer your custom navigation bar to and from other computers.
  • By default, only the icons are shown in the main navigation bar, but text can be included.
  • The search bar will shrink to a minimum of 200 pixels to allow as many links as possible in the main navigation bar. Beyond that, the right-side menu (notifications, new dropdown and avatar dropdown) will shift down.
  • GitHub specific pages (about, blog, business, explore, open-source, personal, and subdomains like use a different header navigation layout, and are not currently modified by this userscript.
  • Get more details from the wiki documentation page

GitHub - Before github-custom-navigation-before

GitHub - After github-custom-navigation-after

Gist - Before github-custom-navigation-gist-before

Gist - After github-custom-navigation-gist-after

Drag and drop to customize github-custom-navigation-usage

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