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Various enhancements and tools for StarRepublik

Nicolae Crefelean
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IMPORTANT: I no longer play StarRepublik, so I will no longer update this script.

This script sums up a collection of useful features and/or enhancements for StarRepublik.

1. Squadron switcher On the battlefield, you can see the damage done in all the squadrons.

2. Cannon parts balance calculator In the storage you will see how many cannons you can build, and how many weapons and cannon parts you have missing (or extra) in order to build the cannons you have parts for.

3. Sector count on the country page Almost not worth mentioning, but it's there for those who need some quick stats about the countries with too many sectors to count them quickly.

4. Congress candidates list as BB-code Quickly create and update articles about the current congress candidates with this feature. You get a list separated by sector, so it's easy to notice if a region has more than 5 candidates - the limit.

5. Side panel with language switcher The side panel will include more functionality in the future.

6. Available languages Bulgarian, English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish are included, corrections and new translations are welcome.

7. Storage: tournament points requirements for starship parts Hovering your mouse pointer over the Starship parts to see tool-tips with the required tournament points for each part.

8. User profile: medal counter and total Credits earned from the medals

9. User profile: base damage Hover your mouse pointer over the wing images for tool-tips with both regular and the 20% wing bonus damage.

10. Places menu: Move The menu includes a link to the Change location page.

11. Congress candidates proposals counter You can see the number of existing candidates, so you can choose a sector with less than 5 candidates.

12. Articles tweaks

  • Show the number of comments on the newspaper page;
  • Show the endorsers count and total endorsements in Credits, plus number of comments on the article page;
  • You can enclose images in frames, by using the new bb-code button.

13. Alliance countries counter The title of the alliance members section includes the counter of the countries in the alliance.

14. Total damage for the weekly top 20 player statistics The top 20 player damage statistics page includes the total damage on top of the list.

15. Battles navigation The battlefield displays buttons for the previous and next battles, for quick and easy navigation through battles.

16. CSV MU Members List From any Military Unit's page you can export the members list in CSV format. It's actually TSV but the CSV file type is popular with Office software. The data separator is the Tab character, and the members' names are enclosed with double quotes.

17. Squadron damage percentages The squadron damage percentages are available in the damage statistics section of the battle, along with a refresh button.