An image searching/browsing tool on pixiv

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The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2016-2019 FlandreDaisuki
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A simple pixiv crawler. Naming is inspired from Touhou Project.

Pixiv deploys their new profile page. We'll release v4.2.0 to make compatiable to that after they are done completely.

If you are already in new profile page, you can download the alpha version here.


  1. First, install Tampermonkey for Chrome or Tampermonkey for Firefox or other userscript managers you like.
  2. Then, click here

Compatibility Table

× tampermonkey violentmonkey greasemonkey
Firefox ✔️ ✔️ 🔺
Google Chrome ✔️ ✔️ N/A

🔺 Not support Greasemonkey ugoira autoplay (#22)


Demo Video

Basic Funtions

demo video

v4.2.0 Added functions

v4.2.0 demo video

Control Panel


  • Press Go , find all. (No need pagination any more)
  • The UI with i18n (en, ja, zh-cn, zh-tw) Welcome translation PR
  • Filter by bookmarks count
  • Filter by Tag Filter Query
    • Basic examples: flandre, users入り, -R-18
    • Logical operator examples: flandre || koishi, touhou && R-18
    • complicated examples: touhou && {flandre || alice}
    • More details in wiki
  • Sort by bookmarks count or upload time or bookmark added time
  • Use icon fas-compress fas-expand to switch width
  • Use icon unbookmarked-only-on unbookmarked-only-off to switch that shows unbookmarked only
  • Settings:
    • Switch right click extension
    • Switch illustrator tooltip (the popup when mouse over illustrator name)
    • Switch ugoira autoplay
    • Blacklist

Image items

  • Use icon fas-rss-dodgerblue to indicate following illustrator
  • Use icon bookmark-heart-on bookmark-heart-private bookmark-heart-off to indicate bookmarked (public/private) or not, click icon can add or remove bookmark directly


Autoplay ugoira when mouse over ⚠️ This feature uses network bandwith quite heavily ⚠️


Right click extension

  • Click on image
    • Like
    • Download original size image (only support single image)
    • Preview images in preview mode
    • Open add bookmark (with tags) page
  • Click on illustrator name
    • Follow
    • Blacklist (simulate mute function)

Preview Mode

Support single, multiple, and ugoira illustration, and manipulate with mouse click and wheel scroll.

preview mode


  • Please tell me if you found bugs: Bug report 🐛🐛
  • Also, welcome feature request: Feature request 💡💡
  • And also welcome source contribution: pull request ⌨️⌨️
  • Share and give me a ⭐️ to encourage me to maintain this project, and thanks contributors 👍👍

Lisence and Credits

The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016-2019 FlandreDaisuki

Font Awesome Free

Icons — CC BY 4.0 License


2019-09-14 v4.2.4

  • Add option button of switching cropped/regular thumbnails

2019-07-20 v4.2.3

  • Update depenencies
  • Do not hide iframe

2019-01-10 v4.2.2

  • Update depenencies
  • pixiv CSS class updated

2018-10-11 v4.2.1

2018-10-3 v4.2.0

  • Refactoring code
  • Support new profile page
  • Support mouse wheel in showing original images
  • Change tag filter from RegExp to Tag Filter Query
  • Adjust styles

2018-08-03 v4.1.10

  • The heart icon that can one click bookmark supports one click unbookmark (#23, #25)

2018-07-04 v4.1.9

  • Support Greasemonkey download with right click extension

2018-06-28 v4.1.8

  • Support arrow keys (← and →) in showing original images

2018-06-25 v4.1.7

  • Reduce packets in showing multiple original images

2018-06-25 v4.1.6

  • Fix multiple not show original images (#21)

2018-06-18 v4.1.5

  • Autoplay ugoira when mouse over (configurable)
    • !CAUTION! This feature uses network bandwith quite heavily.

2018-06-18 v4.1.4

  • Right click extension previewing supports ugoira (small size and original size)

2018-06-16 v4.1.3

  • Remove axios dependency

2018-06-14 v4.1.2

2018-06-03 v4.1.1

  • Fix the UI stucks when bookmark threshold decreased too fast (e.g. 1k to 0)
    • This fix will slow the crawler speed a little

2018-06-01 v4.1.0

  • Add right click extension
  • Change icons

2018-05-17 v4.0.10

  • Fix sorting by oldest wrong in search page (#17)

2018-05-12 v4.0.9

  • Update theme color, style, animation
  • Fix default bookmark count list can't disappear when click other place

2018-05-08 v4.0.8

  • Fix pixiv trademark to "pixiv" (all lowercase)

2018-05-08 v4.0.7

  • Add default bookmark count list for quick filtering (#16)

2018-04-25 v4.0.6

  • Fix axios bug on Chrome (#15)

2018-03-17 v4.0.5

  • Main button use mouseup event (Firefox sometimes can't work on click event)
  • Add en name, description

2018-03-17 v4.0.4

  • Fix duplicate illustId in v-for

2018-03-08 v4.0.3

  • Enhence CSS style

2018-03-08 v4.0.2

  • Fixed supported page type

2018-03-07 v4.0.1

  • Fixed Korean i18n

2018-03-07 v4.0.0

2017-11-22 v3.0.4

(ignore before)