WME Bookmarklets

Put bookmarklets in a tab and provide a better code execution environment

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Author's Description

WME Bookmarklets

This userscript augments the Waze Map Editor by making it possible to add and activate bookmarklets in the side panel.

How to use


This userscript allows you to add bookmarklets to a list in a tab on the side.

Installation instructions

TL;DR: install as most other WME userscripts from its Greasy Fork page: INSTALL WME Bookmarklets

Userscripts are snippets of code that are executed after the loading of certain webpages. This script does this after the loading of the Waze Map Editor. In order to run userscripts in your browser, you are adviced to use Firefox or Google Chrome.

You will need to install an add-on that manages userscripts for this to work. If you use Firefox, you should install GreaseMonkey and for Google Chrome you should install TamperMonkey.

These add-ons will be visible in the browser with an additional button that is visible to the right of the address bar. Through this button it will be possible to maintain any userscripts you install.

For WME Open Maps, you should be able to install the script at Greasy Fork. There will be a big green install button which you will have to press to install the script.
When installing userscripts always pay attention to the site(s) on which the script runs. This script only runs on, so other sites will not be affected in any way.

After installing a userscript, you will be able to find it working on the site(s) specified. Do note that if you had the page open before installing the userscript, you will first need to refresh the page.

GreaseMonkey and TamperMonkey will occasionally check for new versions of these scripts. You will get a notification when a new version has been found and installed.


This idea was pitched to me by carloslaso, so I'd like to thank him for that.

Feedback and suggestions

Any issues found can be reported at the GitHub project page or the forum thread.