UROverview Plus (URO+)

Adds a whole bunch of features to WME, which someday I may get around to documenting properly...

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Waze Map Editor (WME) extension, providing a variety of new and extended features:
  • UR, map problem and camera markers can be filtered according to an ever increasing list of parameters
  • UR, map problem and camera markers can display pop-up information boxes when the mouse pointer hovers over them, providing much of the information that would otherwise only be available by clicking on the marker
  • UR markers can be augmented to show the number of comments for that UR
  • Cameras can be added to a watchlist, allowing the map to be easily relocated to their positions as well as providing automated comparison of their stored properties (speed, alignment etc) against their present properties
  • The Drives tab can be enhanced to list more drives on each page, and to indicate which drives still have their route history available
  • The WME background can be reverted to its original white colour
  • And more...
As of version 3.0, the functionality provided by my earlier standalone DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) and Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) scripts is now integrated into URO+. Please uninstall these scripts if already installed.

Version History:

3.180 (20200522)
Beta users: Compatibility update...

3.179 (20200501)
All users: Disabled attempt to classify closures as in-app due to false positives from all recently added WME closures following a change in WME behaviour...

3.178 (20200404)
All users: Prevents incorrect warning message appearing after opening a UR from the feed. Highlights future restrictions in the segment popup. RTCs can be filtered if active or not active at a specific date/time'

Beta users: Something something mumble mumble...

3.177 (20200311)
All users: Original option to enhance the native AM topbar list is now an option to provide an enhanced AM topbar list given WME's continued reluctance to provide a native list of any form these days... Electric vehicle driving restrictions are now shown in segment popups as a lightning bolt icon next to the existing car/motorbike/taxi icons.

3.176 (20200116)
All users: RTCs can now be filtered by duration, and their durations are also now shown in the segment popup. RTC filtering options have finally been given their own tab...

3.175 (20191230)
All users: Fix for occasionally misplaced UR popups...

3.174 (20191226)
All users: Further compatibility updates. Dedicated filter option to hide map comments added by the Waze Roadclosures team...

3.173 (20191121)
All users: WME compatibility update. DTE functionality removed due to changes in WME.

3.172 (20190925)
All users: WME compatibility update.

3.171 (20190923)
All (UK) users: Reinstated custom markers for Elgin MPs...

3.170 (20190903)
All users: Watched cameras are no longer incorrectly listed as "not on this server"...

3.169 (20190824)
All users: The "A" marker on road closure MPs is no longer hidden by the unstacking code. UR/MP centre-on-click inhibiting is now done without messing with the marker attributes, and can now be enabled/disabled at will. Segment popups now list toll restrictions.

3.168 (20190818)
All users: Closures are no longer tagged as in-app in the closure side panel if the master enable checkbox is unticked.

3.167 (20190811)
All users: Handles delays in availability of getTopCountry() on WME startuo, and general bugfixes.

3.166 (20190804)
All users: Option to show only those MPs with a specific start and/or end date, or with an end date in the past.

3.165 (20190801)
All users: Bugfix for DTE functionality, PUR filtering by age works again, and made the migration from countries.top to getTopCountry().

Beta users: Removed the hide sidebar profile info option.

3.164 (20190725)
All users: Fix for PUR filtering.

3.163a (20190725)
All users: Fix for place filtering (this was supposed to have been included in the .163 release earlier today, oops...)

3.163 (20190725)
All users: Fix for PUR and MP popups.

3.162 (20190724)
All users: Compatibility update for RTC filtering code.

3.161 (20190721)
All users: Bugfix in the new closure panel handling code...

3.160 (20190720)
All users: WazeFeed RTCs are no longer incorrectly treated as in-app closures, WazeFeed RTCs now have their own filter options, closure panel now continues to mark in-app closures and clone buttons correctly after editing closures, plus a bunch of refactoring, optimisation and other programmmery-type stuff...

Beta users: Compatibility updates...

3.159 (20190715)
All users: RTC list in segment popup is now sorted by the closure start date/time, and now shows two-way closures correctly. In-app closures are now highlighted in the closures panel. Segment popup now lists alternate names. RTCs are now filterable by their associated MTE. Removes edit and clone buttons from in-app closures, as the only thing we should be doing with these is deleting and recreating if necessary...

3.158 (20190621)
All users: Fix for the "has the correct UR been opened" test if a UR is listed in the URL and the user then clicks on a different one.

3.157 (20190609)
All users: Enhanced edit history for PURs, and fixed an error thrown when selecting a place.

3.156 (20190604)
All users: Expired restrictions are now highlighted in the segment popup.

3.155 (20190514)
All users: Fix for random setTimeout-triggered errors which seem to have coincided with a recent update to Chrome and/or Tampermonkey...

3.154 (20190509)
All users: Removed a couple of errors thrown by when mousing-off a selected camera, and by the camera filtering code when using the "highlight instead of hide" option.

3.153 (20190506)
All users: In-app RTCs can now be filtered again following the move away from using the Unix epoch as the closure start time, and are also now highlighted in the segment popup. Tweak for the positioning tweak from 3.152...

3.152 (20190328)
All users: Positioning tweak for popups that get placed to the left of the mouse pointer. Stops WME throwing getBounds errors after zooming in/out whilst mousing-over a UR, PUR etc. marker...

3.151 (20190305)
All users: Backfilling now includes closed URs. Fix for error thrown sometimes during map comment filtering.

3.150 (20190301)
All users: Now works correctly when the area managers layer is enabled. Reinstates lane and vehicle type details in segment restriction popups.

3.149 (20190228)
All users: Should now be impervious to changes in the WME layer stack caused by other scripts. Fix for errors thrown when switching between normal and MTE editor modes. Fix for changes in venue navpoint data structure

3.148 (20190101)
All users: Avoids spamming the console with errors if WME fails to initialise correctly. Re-enabled filtering of parking and residential PUR markers.

3.147 (20181118)
All users: Additional filtering options added for map comments, and popup now shows expiry date if set. Fixed problem with map recentering when the crosshairs are clicked in a RPP window.

3.146.1 (20181102)
All users: Enables console diagnostics output related to the feed auto-reload/refresh functionality, to enable users having issues with this to provide me with some clues as to what's going on with their setups. Otherwise, this release behaves identically to 3.146...

3.146 (20181030)
All users: Feed auto-refresh funtionality restored.

3.145 (20181028)
All users: Error trapping added to MTE Mode test, and further protections against other scripts modifying the WME layer stack after URO has located the layers it requires.

3.144 (20181017)
All users: Improved positioning of all the other types of popup not dealt with last time, enabled popups for residential PURs, added lock level to place popup, and fixed the double-tab problem when exiting MTE mode.

3.143 (20180927)
All users: Fixes area map comment deletion. Fixes and enhancements for restriction details in segment popup. Popup positioning tweaks.

3.142 (20180921)
All users: Using the "Highlight instead of hide" option for camera filtering no longer prevents highlighted cameras from being edited. Feed filter inversion option now actually does what it says it does and no more. Backslashes at certain locations in non-URL-containing strings no longer cause the URL-to-clickable link converter to treat the string as a URL. Added option to enhance the visibility of point MCs. Changed the default value for the "Disable filtering above zoom level" setting to 10 so that it'll start off disabled at all zoom levels until the user decides to change it.

3.141 (20180904)
All users: W.location fix.

3.140 (20180725)
All users: RPP cloning works again.

Beta users: v2.19-52 compatibility updates.

3.139 (20180714)
All users: URs with 0 comments are now rendered correctly when custom comment marker options are enabled.

Beta users: v2.18-51 compatibility updates.

3.138 (20180610)
All users: Venue popups now show brand details where present. Option to disable filtering above a certain zoom level.

3.137 (20180606)
All users: Corrected display of TIO and closure details in enhanced segment history.

3.136 (20180524)
All users: PURs related to changes of place details can now be filtered by the specific type of detail change (e.g. geometry, house number etc.)

3.135 (20180507)
All users: Map comment popup now handles malformed comment titles correctly.

3.134 (20180426)
All users: Added option to display a junction node popup containing details of the segments connected to the node. Added option to kill the inertial map panning if the mouse pointer moves out of the map viewport area.

3.133 (20180412)
All users: Places can now be hidden by their creating/last edited by user. Compatibility fixes for other changes in the API...

3.132 (20180412)
All users: Sgement popup now shows whether segment is part of an average speed camera (ASC) zone. Compatibility fixes for new selectionManager API.

3.131 (20180327)
All users: Road closure markers added by Waze staff or via WME can now be filtered based on whether they're indicating currently active (red) closures or future (grey) closures.

3.130 (20180307)
All users: Compatibility fix for users of WME Map Nav History script.

3.129 (20180302)
All users: Fixed all functionality relating to the ID of the logged-in user. The "Don't filter UR in URL" option has been changed into a "Don't filter selected UR" option. Added option to display filtered cameras using yellow-tinted icons instead of hiding them. Speed cameras can now be filtered by speed limit validity. Various performance tweaks.

3.128 (20180226)
All users: Removed references to deprecated WME objects.

3.127 (20180128)
All users: Custom Elgin MP markers working again. URLs in MP ExtraInfo text are now clickable in both the MP panel and popup.

3.126 (20180105)
All users: Correctly handles existing camera watchlist entries following removal of unapproved camera support...

3.125 (20171231)
All users: New Years Eve Special :-) Official release of feed filtering fixes. Camera approval state filtering options removed following the removal of unapproved cameras from WME. Newlines in map comment body text are now rendered correctly in both URO's popup and the native sidepanel, and URLs in the text are also converted to clickable links.

3.124.7 (20171228)
All users: Test release for in-tab feed reload fix...

3.124.6 (20171224)
All users: Test release for feed age filter fix...

3.124.5 (20171223)
All users: Diagnostics release...

3.124.4 (20171222)
All users: Diagnostics release...

3.124.3 (20171221)
All users: Diagnostics release...

3.124.2 (20171220)
All users: Diagnostics release...

3.124.1 (20171219)
All users: Added extra feed filter diagnostics

3.124 (20171218)
All users: Sidebar layout changes to prevent URO tab eating itself...

3.123 (20171217)
All users: Fix for a data sync error during enhanced feed filtering which could a) cause the wrong entries to be filtered out and b) prevent the feed from being refreshed.

3.122 (20171212)
All users: "UR with/without comments" options added to feed filtering. Camera popup now indicated non-approved state. Additional error trapping.

Beta users: Compatibility updates.

3.121 (20171124)
All users: Feed panel entries now scroll independently of the filter controls and load more button. URO tab height adjusts better to the available space in the sidepanel.

3.120 (20171122)
All users: Diagnostics output no longer enabled by default. Disabling marker popups no longer disables marker unstacking. Enhanced AM list now cleared on a map move to prevent stale data being shown.

3.119 (20171110)
All users: Added speed filtering options for red light cameras. Script tab is now restored after changing the WME measurement units.

3.118 (20171101)
All users: New UI compatibility fixes...

3.117 (20171030)
All users: User names inserted into the UI by URO+ are now rendered as links to the editor profile page. Added option (in the misc tab) to move the AM list from the URO+ tab into the WME topbar, replacing the existing AM list (when WME can be bothered to show it...) - this also changes the topbar background to solid black to aid legibility of the topbar contents. Map comment popups are now automatically suppressed as soon as another map object is highlighted within the boundary of the comment area. Compatibility updates for new WME Production release.

3.116 (20171018)
All users: Next->Done button replacement works again when both UR and MP options are set. Alert box height now constrained to keep OK/Cancel/etc buttons visible regardless of the box contents. Camera watchlist entries with altered properties can now all be updated with one click.

3.115 (20171017)
All users: Edit panel for multi-part PURs now remains open when the "Next" button is clicked. TBR enhanced edit history now lists vehicle types by name instead of number, and also lists all vehicle types where more than one is defined for the restriction.

3.114 (20171016)
All users: Fixed a problem with popups not appearing for objects highlighted at the very bottom of the map view.

Beta users: Compatibility updates.

3.113 (20170926)
All users: All URLs found in popup text are now converted to clickable links. Option to hide segment vector layer when road raster layer is disabled. Enhanced turn history now shows segment names where available, in addition to the segment ID as before.

3.112 (20170914)
All users: Compatibility fix for place and difficult turn popups in latest WME. Place popups now convert URLs in the place description to clickable links. Clickable links in all popups are now shown as the URL instead of "here". Feed entries can be filtered by age.

3.111 (20170823)
All users: Improved formatting of clickified URLs in popups. Two-way restrictions now shown correctly in segment popups. Days of week now shown correctly in segment and TBR popups. Map comments can be filtered by custom tag, keyword and following/not following state.

3.110 (20170816)
All users: Compatibility fix for slashless editor URLs...

3.109 (20170813)
All users: Compatibility fixes for new native restriction storage format. Popup auto-hides when mouse leaves the map view or a native drop-down menu opens. Added option to auto-hide popup after x seconds. Venue edit history now shows name changes in their actual case instead of all in uppercase.

3.108 (20170722)
All users: DTE works again. Edit history enhancement enhancements...

3.107 (20170702)
All users: Introduction of segment edit history enhancement...

3.106 (20170627)
All users: Feed filter keyword is restored from settings.

3.105 (20170626)
All users: Bug fixes related to inclusion of PPUR support...

3.104 (20170626)
All users: Popups and auto-centre blocking now work on (P)PURs again. TBR details are now shown for all TBRs, not just those going from an A-B to a B-A segment. Feed filter settings are now saved. Option to delete all visible feed entries.

3.103 (20170605)
All users: Places can now be filtered if they do/don't have any description text. Place description text shown in place popup. Segment lock level shown in segment popup. RTC markers can be hidden based on their origin - WME or app.

3.102 (20170316)
All users: Segment popup inhibited for newly created unsaved segments. Custom UR/MP markers are back again...

3.101 (20170313)
All users: Fixed the "open in new tab" links for URs, MPs and PURs

3.100 (20170311)
All users: Stability updates and DOM alteration countermeasures.

3.99 (20170309)
All users: Map comment stuff now works regardless of which language WME is using...

3.98 (20170309)
All users: Segment popups behave correctly when segments are missing certain address details, opening a non-UR panel doesn't cause various subtle breakages elsewhere in the code, opening the map comments drop-down triggers the popup auto-hide, speed limit validation is inhibited on private and parking segments, MP type filter list now generated automatically based on the types currently defined in WME, popups now enabled for map comments.

Beta users: Compatibility fixes...

3.97 (20170106)
All users: RPP cloning works again, segment restriction popup works again, TBR popup works again, segment popup now includes county/city details, place popup now includes address details, closure cloning sets the end date again, and no longer throws a bunch of console errors when a map comment is selected...

3.96 (20161120)
Beta users: Tweaked the require() patch so that it now only kicks in if WME doesn't provide a native require() function.

3.95 (20161116)
All users: Most stuff now working again in new WME, thanks to the require() patch provided by dummyd2. However, custom markers definitely don't work, and other stuff may also not work as expected/at all - please report any unexpected behaviour in the Waze forums as usual...

3.94 (20161006)
All users: New PUR filters for the feed, and auto-reload to keep the feed list populated with filtered entries.

3.93 (20160928)
All users: Added filters for the two new types of "Missing Parking Lot Place" MP that've recently started appearing, everywhere, a lot...

3.92 (20160924)
All users: Segment popup now includes MTE name in closure information, fix for closure event selection bug in Firefox, removes the "Choose Event" non-event from the closure event dropdown, closure cloning now includes the MTE setting, RPP cloning now works with non-numerical house number values, custom marker and filtering support restored to TfL map problems, feed filtering now includes MP feed entries.

3.91 (20160919)
All users: UR click monitoring popup now only enabled in debug mode, RPP cloning works again, places can be filtered by their creator/last editor, speed limit display in segment popup now accepts 7KM/H as valid for Germany, and PLIAP MPs finally have their own filter setting...

3.90 (20160912)
All users: adding a comment to a UR no longer throws an error, places locked by staff can now be filtered, fix for latest fiddling Waze have done to the layer definitions, and MP filtering by closing/not-closing editor, which I managed to break back in 3.54 without anyone noticing, now works again...

3.89 (20160825)
All users: opening a UR that has no comments no longer throws an error.

3.88 (20160824)
All users: RPP cloning and restricted turn popups work again...

3.87 (20160821)
All users: Support for native speed limit URs. Improved closure information in segment popups (thanks to Glodenox). Support for [BOG] and [DIFFICULT] UR tags. Fix for latest behind the scenes changes to the UR edit panel implementation. Fix for startup error thrown when user has an empty camera watchlist.

3.86 (20160729)
All users: Added tag filters for MPs. Added custom icon for TfL MPs.

Beta users: Beta-specific codepaths now re-enabled following the beta URL change...

3.85 (20160726)
All users: Fixed bootloop that could be triggered when populating the user ID list for camera filtering.

3.84 (20160725)
All users: "Next->Done" button hack now works properly with URs and PURs opened from the feed. Cameras can be filtered by editor name.

3.83 (20160712)
Beta users: Re-enabled on new URL...

3.82 (20160710)
All users: Feed filter controls are now shown/hidden via a clickable toggle rather than on mouseover/exit. Feed keyword filter now allows filtering by presence or absence of keyword independently of the invert filter setting.

3.81 (20160616)
All users: Correctly handles switching in and out of MTE mode. RPP cloning now applies city, county and country attributes to cloned place. Places can be filtered by area/point geometry type.

3.80 (20160613)
All users: No longer causes script startup errors if running on a server where the user has no driven areas.

3.79 (20160612)
Beta users: another compatibility fix...

3.78 (20160612)
All users: Corrected MP description text, added filter for adlocked places, added keyword filter for feed, added residential point place cloning. Editor profile page exclusion re-enabled for Chrome users.

Beta users: Compatibility update.

3.77 (20160525)
All users: Improved handling of various potential internal error conditions, optimised custom marker handling, added custom marker option for [Caltrans] MPs, searches UR comments for [WSLM] tag, added external links and name keyword filtering for places, hardcoded icons replaced with fontawesome equivalents, and closure cloning works again...

3.76 (20160407)
All users: Added invert toggle for UR state/age filters. No longer tries to initialise itself on an editor profile page when running in Chrome.

Beta users: Closure cloning works again...

3.75 (20160328)
All users: popups now auto-hide whenever a WME drop-down menu is opened, and popups which have remained open for segments or places which are no longer present in the current map view will now also be closed automatically. Support for URs submitted via the Waze Speed Limit tool.

Beta users: compatibility fix for 1.14-98

3.74 (20160216)
All users: custom marker keyword search really does now match against UR descriptions, and has been made case-insensitive.

3.73 (20160215)
All users: Option to add custom marker for URs which match a keyword in their description or comments. Option to ignore other editor comments when filtering URs by comment age.

3.72 (20160211)
All users: Added feed filter for PM notifications. Double-clicking on a popup now hides it.

3.71 (20160208)
All users: Segment popup now includes street name. Added basic filtering options for feed.

Beta users: Compatibility fixes...

3.70 (20160131)
All users: Fixed month increment bug when cloning a closure

3.69 (20160130)
All users: Auto-centre prevention has been re-enabled for MP and PUR markers.

3.68 (20160127)
All users: Speed limit info now available as an option in segment popups. When the "Replace Next..." button option is enabled for URs, this will now also generate an alert if the Done button is clicked with an unposted comment present in the UR editing panel.

3.67 (20160124)
All users: Closure cloning feature no longer gets disabled when other scripts perform certain UI tweaks of their own.

3.66 (20160121)
All users: Start/end date autoincrement for closure cloning now works properly for end of month dates. Added a delete all button to clear the currently displayed list of closures.

3.65 (20160120)
All users: Road closure cloning now auto-increments the start and end dates by 1 day.

3.64 (20160119)
All users: Tagged URs now use the correct custom icon if the UR contains tags in multiple comments. Added ability to clone a road closure for easier editing of multi-day closures.

3.63 (20160110)
All users: Backfilling and DTE data retrieval now use async XHR. Popup positioning for places, TBRs and cameras now leaves less of a gap between mouse pointer and popup. Restyling of the native sidebar tabs can now be disabled for users running other scripts which perform this. UR auto-centre prevention is now only active when a UR is clicked on. MP and PUR auto-centre prevention is temporarily disabled.

Beta users: Popups are now shown for URs, PURs and TBRs again. MP popups now behave correctly again. Startup clashes with the native WME code (e.g. feed data population) are now resolved.

3.62 (20151202)
MPs without descriptions are now handled correctly again...

3.61 (20151130)
Fixed problem with hiding all but one marker in an identical-coordinate UR stack. Fixed problem with "Open in new tab/Centre in current tab" options for unstacked URs. PUR filtering now respects the master enable switch. Both imperial and metric scale bars are displayed again.

3.60 (20151115)
The "Auto-centre disable" and "Next button replaced by Done button" options are now also available for MPs and PURs. Map scale bar is now latitude-corrected.

3.59 (20151108)
Clicking on a backfilled UR works again. Added an option to disable the auto-centering of the map whenever a UR is clicked. Added an option to inhibit filtering for any UR listed in the URL. Opening WME with a URL containing selected segments no longer causes the URO tab to appear in the wrong place.

3.58 (20151107)
Unstacked markers that have identical co-ordinates can now be selected correctly again. Added option to always use the "Done" button in the UR edit dialog, rather than the "Next update request" one.

3.57 (20151101)
Script is now completely disabled in practice mode, since it never really worked properly... Added option to hide the oversized user info section at the top of the sidebar in WME Beta. Menu bar links (livemap etc.) in WME Beta now redirect to www.waze.com. Other beta compatibility fixes.

3.56 (20151022)
Custom icons/comment counts/etc working correctly again...

3.55 (20151021)
TBR popups work again. TBR editing UI can be opened from within the TBR popup. Tweaked positioning code for all popup types. Restoring saved settings works properly if the current camera watchlist isn't empty but the restored settings contains an empty list. Various performance optimisations.

3.54 (20151013)
Camera popup now auto-closes if the Delete Camera option is used. Places popup no longer follows the mouse around...

3.53 (20150920)
Native comment markers no longer get added to all URs after turning off the master enable switch. Small amounts of mouse movement can now be ignored when timing the mouse idle period, and mouse idle now also applies to marker unstacking. URs outside the editable area can be hidden. Script settings are synchronised across new tabs opened via the popup link.

3.52 (20150913)
UR filtering is now correctly disabled when master enable is turned off. Added definable delay for popups to appear after the mouse stops moving. Optimisations in custom marker rendering code.

3.51 (20150911)
Added master enable checkbox to allow instant toggling of script activity. Keyword filtering for URs now searches in comment text as well as descriptions. UR stacks containing closed URs are unstacked without gaps if WME is switched into hide closed URs mode. Various compatibility fixes for latest WME Beta release...

3.50 (20150821)
Added option to hide MPs outside of your editable area. Changed "Landmarks" to "Places" in the Misc tab "Disable popup for:" option group.

3.49 (20150805)
Formatting of date/time in popups is now definable. Place popups now include links for finding the navigation point. "New tab" links in popups now always open a new tab instead of reusing the original "new" tab. Camera popup now uses country-specific formatting for the speed limit. Removed option to filter cameras by MPH/KMH speed limits and replaced with option to filter if a speed limit has or has not been set.

3.48 (20150707)
Uses native I18n.lookup() function to allow graceful fallback when selected language is missing the required translation. Added custom markers for Elgin, TrafficMaster and TrafficCast MPs. Places filter category lists can now be expanded/collapsed.

3.47 (20150702)
Restricted segment popup now displays correctly when restriction has no description text. Mutually exclusive filtering options in the URs tab are now enforced again, and are enforced for the first time in the other tabs. UR popups now show detailed submission/closure timestamps. Road Closure MP popups now display the correct title text.

3.46 (20150531)
Added restricted turn popups. Provisional support for Road Closure MPs.

3.45 (20150505)
Selected drive now remains highlighted in Drives tab when DTE is enabled. PURs locked due to advertising are now filtered by the "Ones I can't edit" filter. Place/PUR popup formatting improved when multiple place categories are present. Popups are now only hidden when the edit panel first opens.

3.44 (20150425)
Popups now display user ID instead of "undefined" for temporary users without names. Managed areas can now be given friendly names.

3.43 (20150423)
Popup now hides itself when the UR/MP/PUR edit panel is open. Popup closure timeout is now user definable. Popup positioning tweaked to enable easier mouse entry from UR/MP/PUR markers. Workaround for the occasional difficulty seen in getting drives data from the server. Segment popup now shows closure information when the Road Closures layer is enabled.

3.42 (20150413)
Place filtering is no longer applied to places in the process of being created. Further improvements to the way comment counts are handled. Integrated fixes suggested by RickZabel to improve compatibility with URComments. Added reset option to restore all settings to the defaults used on first installation. Changed popup border style to avoid glitching in Firefox. Compatibility fixes for latest WME release.

3.41 (20150320)
Undo last/all hide buttons are now shown only when there are hidden URs. The Drive Tab Enhancement option now replaces the approximate times in the drives tab with exact timings. PURs can now be filtered by age, which is also shown in their popups. The Select Roundabout Segments option now works in WME Beta again. UR comment count handling improvements to avoid synchronisation errors. Mousedown state now tracked more reliably after the map is panned, reducing the likelihood of popups being inhibited until the mouse is clicked again.

3.40 (20150217)
Session hiding now works again for MP markers, and MPs generally are working properly again in WME beta. Backfilling behaviour improved in high-density UR areas - note that Firefox WILL start to struggle when a high number of additional URs are backfilled, if you routinely edit in such areas and need to use backfill, please consider switching to Chrome...

3.39 (20150209)
Unstacked markers are now positioned correctly if the stack would have contained markers which are hidden due to the current filter settings. Unstacking now enabled for PUR and MP (untested) markers. Compatibility fixes for latest WME beta. Enabled PUR severity level filtering in WME beta.

3.38 (20150205)
Corrected popup positioning when the sidebar panel requires a vertical scrollbar. Popups for closed URs now show the closure resolution (solved/not identified). Stacked URs can now be redrawn on mouseover to make them visible/selectable.

3.37 (20150125)
Custom tags for URs ([NOTE], [EVENT] etc.) can now be added as a comment. New comments added to URs by the user in this WME session are now counted without needing to reload the session.

3.36 (20150105)
Reduced risk of popup obscuring associated item. MPs can now be hidden if they were or weren't closed by a specific user.

3.35 (20150104)
Further performance tweaking when user ID lists are in use. Beta test release of UR backfilling feature.

3.34 (20141231)
Removed a race condition that could occur when the "Not resolved by user" option was enabled. User ID lists in the UR tab are now only updated when their associated filters are enabled.

3.33 (20141228)
URLs in segment restriction popups are now rendered as clickable links. Petrol Station Checker filter option removed. Update CWL option in camera popup now updates all camera properties. Background colour of map is now user-definable. URs can now be hidden except when they've been commented on or closed by a specific editor. Custom comment markers (aka the Mickey Mouse ears) are now shown on custom-tagged UR markers. General performance optimisations.

3.32 (20141217)
Places can now be filtered by their lock level, age of last edit, and whether or not they have any photos. Option to leave place polygons/points visible when their associated PUR marker is filtered. Filtered cameras no longer generate popups following recent WME update. Compatibility fix for latest WME beta. JS console output can be toggled on/off by clicking the URO+ version number.

3.31 (20141103)
PUR popups work again in latest version of WME

3.30 (20141101)
"Open in current tab" option renamed "centre in current tab", as it now centres on the selected marker without forcing a reload of the current WME session. Opening a PUR in a new tab or centering on it in the current tab now also opens the PUR UI. Popup now changes correctly when moving the pointer from a highlighted place to its corresponding PUR marker or vice versa.

3.29 (20141026)
Restores WMETB compatibility fix from 3.27 that sort of went missing a little bit during the 3.28 release... sorry about that

3.28 (20141025)
Added new PUR filtering options. Place filtering now applies to point places. Option to keep tagged URs visible regardless of other UR filter options. Popup now allows UR/MP/etc to be opened in current tab. Added some startup dialogues to provide update info and prompt use of custom markers.

3.27 (20141016)
Another WME Toolbox compatibility update. Also hides the UR/MP/etc popup when the mouse pointer is moved out of the map viewport.

3.26 (20141012)
Green fog workaround removed. Place updates not able to be edited by logged-in user can be hidden. Place update pop-ups reinstated and remain correctly positioned. Hide cameras on CWL option now works again. UR and MP links in popup now use native WME formatting.

3.25 (20141002)
Further compatibility updates. UR/MP/Place popups now includes a "vanilla" permalink. The dreaded green fog of managed area despair can now be banished back to whichever hellish domain it emerged from...

3.24 (20141002)
Compatibility update for latest WME. Inhibits popups when dragging stuff around. Added basic popups for place update markers. Added filter for private places.

3.23 (20140927)
Correctly handles "unknown server" cameras in the CWL, and adds option to remove them from CWL.

3.22 (20140927)
Strips HTML from UR descriptions and usernames (for URs submitted via Livemap by a logged-out user) to avoid the risk of unexpected script behaviour.

3.21 (20140922)
Compatibility fix (fingers crossed...) when WME Toolbox is also installed.

3.20 (20140917)
UR/MP/Camera popup placement improved. Added "Open UR" state filter. Added option to inhibit the "This UR has pending questions..." prompt. Tidied up code to remove a couple of JS console errors.

3.19 (20140831)
Places filtering can now be disabled to allow use of the WME Place Tools add-on. Compatibility fixes for latest WME Beta.

3.18 (20140827)
Added custom markers for [NOTE]-tagged URs. Re-opened map problems are now marked as such, and can be filtered. Places/landmarks/venues/whatever you call them can now be filtered by category. Events which occurred yesterday but less than 24 hours ago are now listed in their popup as having happened 1 day ago, rather than today... Optimised filtering code to minimise unnecessary operations.

3.17 (20140820)
All remaining remotely-hosted custom images are now embedded within the script source.

3.16 (20140815)
SRS functionality now works in WME Beta. Added green-hued custom icons to differentiate between open and closed tagged URs. Restricted segment popup now shows restriction comment text if available.

3.15 (20140813)
Compatibility update for the latest WME Beta.

3.14 (20140810)
Added option for landmark/place popup, and fixed segment popup handling to allow popup data to update correctly if the mouse pointer is moved directly from one segment to another.

3.13 (20140809)
Added custom markers for URs tagged as [CONSTRUCTION], [CLOSURE] or [EVENT]. Added option to have a popup appear for highlighted segments if they have any restrictions set.

3.12 (20140703)
Area manager list is now only shown when the Area Manager layer is enabled. Added option to hide AM area polygons when the AM layer is enabled. No longer attempts to access undefined user information when looking for user names and ranks.

3.11.1 (20140701)
Cameras on the CWL are now tagged with their server location (usa, row or il), allowing URO+ to ignore them when editing on a different server - this can significantly reduce session startup times for users with lots of cameras defined on a different server to the one they've just opened. The generic alert message warning of changes to watched cameras has been replaced with something slightly more informative. The names of any area managers for the map location under the mouse pointer are now shown at the bottom of the URO+ sidebar UI.

Note: version 3.11 was briefly made available prior to being replaced by 3.11.1. The only difference between the two versions is that 3.11.1 fixes a minor y-offset error in the mouse pointer position calculation which caused the area manager display to be incorrect near to the AM area boundaries.

3.10 (20140614)
URs can now be shown/hidden based on whether the reporter included any descriptive text. The update link no longer points to userscripts.org.

3.9 (20140608)
The popup box for URs, MPs and cameras should no longer obscure the marker if it's near the bottom of the screen. Added an option to replace the marker for URs tagged as roadworks.

3.8 (20140601)
When updating the watchlist entry for a camera assigned to a user-defined group, the camera will now remain in that group. First release on GreasyFork.

3.7 (20140330)
Compatibility fix for for latest public WME. UR and MP popups can now be suppressed (see Misc tab). UR and MP popups now show the underlying object IDs and, for closed URs/MPs, when and by whom the closure was done. Closed URs/MPs can be filtered. CWL groups now remember whether they were expanded or collapsed. Missing Landmark URs can be filtered. Replaced "kph" with "km/h" in camera popup.

3.6 (20140202)
Compatibility fix for latest WME beta. "Remove deleted" camera watchlist button works again. Cameras on watchlist can now be placed in groups.

3.5 (20140111)
Compatibility update for latest production WME.

3.4 (20140106)
Compatibility fix for latest WME beta. UI styling/layout fixes for both production and beta WME. Optimised UR/problem/camera popup generation code.

3.3 (20131221)
Tweaked comments-related filter options for UR markers

3.2 (20131207)
Compatibility fix for latest WME beta...

3.1 (20131128)
Should fix the "blank tab area" problem some users are seeing. The settings backup option now uses the current UI settings to generate the backup text.

3.0 (20131127)
Now integrates functionality from DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) and Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) scripts. The alternate comment markers and comment count markers no longer block mouseclicks on the underlying UR pin.

2.02 (20131111)
Added option to show comment count on UR markers. Script settings can now be manually copied from one install to another.

2.01 (20131106)
Fixed "Update watchlist entry" function. Deleting a watched camera from its popup now automatically removes it from the CWL. Selecting a camera in the CWL now turns on the camera layer if not already on. New camera filtering option allows watched cameras to be hidden.

2.00 (20131029)
Adds new UR filtering options, and introduces the Camera WatchList (CWL) feature...

1.9 (20121109)
Map problem marker support reinstated, now also supports "Frequent reroute" type problems.

1.8 (20121105)
Fixed for new public and beta WME versions. UR marker session hiding works properly again...

1.7 (20121103)
Marker filtering code is now event driven, eliminating marker flicker on map panning/zooming. UR and camera options now contained within a single "URO" tab in WME beta.

1.6 (20121030)
Revised positioning code for popup to avoid covering the UR marker. When opening a UR in a new tab, the UR details panel is now opened automatically. ***MAP PROBLEM MARKER SUPPORT TEMPORARILY REMOVED***

1.5 (20121015)
Now supports map problem markers

1.40 (20131022)
Fixes problem with trying to access map background layer if it hasn't been initialised by the time the script launches.

1.4.1 (20121013)
Fix for the livemap link opening up a new WME tab on some peoples systems

1.4 (20121013)
New WME tabs opened from the UR popup now have the same layers switched on and off as the tab containing the popup. Filter settings are now saved across sessions.

1.39 (20131020)
Ignores empty guestUserName fields used by URs submitted from new Livemap site.

1.38 (20131009)
Fixes for new-style WME URLs. New "Misc" tab added)
contains options to use URO-style comment icons rather than the default WME ones for UR markers, and an option to set the background to traditional white...

1.37 (20130828)
Uses native "UR with conversation" markers in latest WME beta. Inhibits "null" comments on URs. Reduced script startup time.

1.36 (20130822)
Supports regex matching of keywords.

1.35 (20130820)
Supports new "Blocked road" URs.

1.34 (20130802)
Comment age filtering now allows both older than and younger than exclusions.

1.33 (20130801)
Adds comment age filtering to UR markers (for dknight212), and allows camera popup to be disabled (for orbitc)

1.32 (20130716)
Support for latest WME beta.

1.31 (20130706)
UR popup now shows age of the most recent comment. Fixed issue with WME localisation that was causing multiple URO tabs in Chrome when a non-English language was selected.

1.30 (20130704)
On markers for URs that have comments, the blue/white Waze logo is replaced by a green circle containing quotation marks. If any of the comments were made by the logged-in user, the circle is yellow instead.

1.3 (20121012)
UR popup now adds a link allowing a new livemap tab to be opened centred on and zoomed into the UK marker (user request to make checking routing problems easier). Enabled use on the non-world beta editor

1.29 (20130702)
UR popup now shows number of comments submitted for that UR, and whether or not any of them were made by the logged-in user. Also shows the username entered by the user when placing a UR via the livemap interface. URs can also be filtered by the types of comments (none/all by other editors/some by logged-in user) and whether or not the user is following the UR.

1.28.1 (20130530)
Fixed camera tab checkbox default states again...

1.28 (20130530)
"Delete camera" link re-enabled for cameras within the users managed area but outside any driven areas.

1.27 (20130529)
Added filter to show only cameras added/edited by logged-in user. Added map/turn problem filtering. Fixed camera tab checkbox default states on new installs. Inhibited "delete camera" link on cameras outside the editable area (thanks to rob7mgte for the suggestion).

1.26 (20130412)
Now displays both creator and updater info for cameras, and allows cameras to be filtered by creator and updater levels.

1.25 (20130411)
Adds "Delete Camera" link to camera popups.

1.24 (20130409)
Compatibility update for latest versions of public and beta WME

1.23 (20130403)
Removed all legacy WME code following release of new public WME. Added extra checks for missing/uninitialised editor elements.

1.22 (20130321)
Disabled Chrome auto-open for problems in public WME again, as further testing indicates this still has problems.

1.21 (20130315)
Revised popup link layout based on suggestion by charleskelso. No longer requires user to move off currently highlighted marker then wait for popup to close before highlighting a different marker. Reinstated auto-opening of UR/problem details panel in public WME with Chrome.

1.20 (20130302)
Fixed a looooooooooooooongstanding (all the way back to the 1.6 release *mindboggles*) bug in the camera filtering code, that was causing WME to pan uncontrollably. How no-one (including myself) managed not to spot this one for all this time is a mystery of epic proportions, but thanks to magfro it's finally been dealt with...

1.2.1 (20121010)
Bugfix in the beta support code (forgot to remove one reference to an element ID not present in the beta...)

1.2 (20121010)
UR popup now adds a link allowing a new WME tab to be opened centred on and zoomed into the UR marker. URs can now be filtered out if they've been marked as solved or not identified. Various changes/fixes to enable use in WME Beta

1.19 (20130221)
Major behind the scenes reworking to support the new-look markers in WME beta (big thanks to Timbones for his help with this). Fixed popup-offset error with camera markers if camera layer was turned off, the map panned/zoomed, and then the camera layer turned on again. Fixed livemap links for all popup types. Disabled automatic opening of UR/problem details panel in current public WME when using Chrome, as this feature has now started misbehaving.

1.18 (20130126)
Map Problems markers now respect the "solved/not identified" filtering checkboxes, and their popups now include the "Hide for this session" link.

1.17 (20130114)
Adds an "Invert operation" checkbox to the UR type filter list, which as its name suggests inverts the behaviour of the UR type filtering)
now instead of showing only those UR types which AREN'T ticked off on the list, the script will show only those UR types which ARE ticked off... or, at least, slightly annoyed about something ;-)

1.16 (20130111)
Improved handling of UK roadworks URs (converts https: URLs into clicky-links, and provides dedicated checkbox for hiding roadworks URs). The two UK-specific filters (Petrol Station Checker and Roadworks) are relocated into their own section of the filter list.

1.15 (20130102)
New UR filtering option "Waze Automatic" to filter out the new auto-generated general error URs used by Waze to highlight potentially incorrect city names

1.14 (20121227)
New option to allow case-insensitive keyword matching. Reworked startup code to avoid some issues when WME loads without a user being logged-in.

1.13 (20121222)
Another fix for malformed livemap links on some users systems (oh for the day when WME behaves exactly the same for everyone...). Includes check for new WME Beta URL.

1.12 (20121205)
Fixes camera and user report overviews in latest WME beta. Tiny overview box no longer appears in top-left corner of screen at startup.

1.11 (20121202)
Fixes issue on login screen of latest WME beta

1.10 (20121125)
Cameras can be filtered if they were last edited by the logged-in user (thanks to davipt), minor CSS tweaks to reduce wasted space in config tabs

1.1 (20121006)
Completing the trilogy of updates today, now allows speed cameras to be filtered according to whether they've been given a speed value and if that value appears to be a valid conversion of the MPH value. This conversion assumes that the MPH speed is a multiple of 10MPH (always true for cameras here in the UK)

1.0.1 (20121006)
Maintenance release, reinstates the UR overview pop-up I managed to break in the 1.0 release earlier today...

1.0 (20121006)
Added "last updated more than x days" and usa_* user filtering to cameras, and split UR and camera controls onto seperate UI tabs

0.9 (20121005)
Cameras can now be filtered by type, approval state and whether or not they were created by a world_* user

0.8 (20120917)
Filter by age now allows for both "younger than" and "older than" settings. URs can now also be filtered by a keyword present/absent in the description

0.7 (20120917)
Allows URs to be hidden for the duration of the current browser session

0.6 (20120916)
Allows filtering by UR age. UI appearance tweaks

0.5 (20120915)
Allows URs to be filtered by type

0.4.1 (20120912)
Enables use on all WME servers, not just world.waze.com

0.4 (20120911)
Overview data now shown in pop-up next to UR/camera icon. Petrol Station checker links are clickable.

0.3 (20120911)
Also shows overview data (type, speed, and creator) for cameras

0.2 (20120909)
Shows age of UR

0.1 (20120908)
Original release on userscripts.org