UROverview Plus (URO+)

Adds a whole bunch of features to WME, which someday I may get around to documenting properly...

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Waze Map Editor (WME) extension, providing a variety of new and extended features:

  • UR, map problem and camera markers can be filtered according to an ever increasing list of parameters
  • UR, map problem and camera markers can display pop-up information boxes when the mouse pointer hovers over them, providing much of the information that would otherwise only be available by clicking on the marker
  • UR markers can be augmented to show the number of comments for that UR
  • Cameras can be added to a watchlist, allowing the map to be easily relocated to their positions as well as providing automated comparison of their stored properties (speed, alignment etc) against their present properties
  • The Drives tab can be enhanced to list more drives on each page, and to indicate which drives still have their route history available
  • The WME background can be reverted to its original white colour
  • And more...

As of version 3.0, the functionality provided by my earlier standalone DrivesTabEnhancer (DTE) and Select Roundabout Segments (SRS) scripts is now integrated into URO+. Please uninstall these scripts if already installed.

Recent Version History:

3.223 (20230826)
All users: Compatibility update. RTC filtering works again :-)

3.222 (20230731)
All users: Resilience update to reduce number of console errors being thrown due to missing WME data model entries

3.221 (20230729)
All users: Also restores map comment filtering functionality...

3.220 (20230724)
All users: Restores place filtering functionality.

3.219 (20230719)
All users: Compatibility updates for latest WME release.

3.218 (20230606)
All users: Compatibility updates for latest WME release.

3.217 (20230420)
All users: Compatibility updates for latest WME release.

3.216 (20230416)
All users: Fixes an error that could get thrown when building the MTE list for the current map view.

3.215 (20230324)
All users: Fixed startup problems when opening WME with a URL containing a reference to a UR, MP etc. Segment popup now shows who last edited the segment and when.

3.214 (20230321)
All users: Compatibility update after yet another random class name alteration within the WME UI...

3.213 (20230225)
All users: New startup code. Improved tab UI. Removed feed filtering.

3.212 (20230206)
All users: Quick fix to restore operation in the latest WME update.

3.211 (20230121)
All users: Added option to hide PURs associated with filtered places.

3.210 (20230112)
All users: Closure events default to "None" again. Closure cloning works again.

3.209 (20221228)
Beta users: Popup positioning corrected.

3.208 (20221222)
All users: Introduction of duplicate UR detection...

Beta users: WIP to support the new beta UI and script API - not completely working yet, partly because there's a lot to fix, and partly because the API itself ain't working yet...

3.207 (20221116)
All users: Compatibility update.

3.206 (20220820)
All users: Added option to filter cameras if their speed limit doesn't match that on the closest segment (enabled at zoom 16+), and to invert the camera filtering result.

3.205 (20220814)
All users: Closure tab enhancements are now applied regardless of whether or not the tab is visible as soon as a segment is selected. Removed broken history enhancement functionality - this will be re-released as a standalone script once fixed.

3.204 (20220709)
All users: Restored correct operation of closure cloning and defaulting the MTE dropdown to "None".

3.203 (20220217)
All users: All remaining zoom level-related parts of the code now aware of the change in zoom level numbering. Custom MP markers now remain visible at all zoom levels when enabled.

Beta users: Compatibility fix.

3.202 (20220115)
All users: Optimised the "Hide within AM areas" filtering options. Avoids calling the containsPoint() method on an object that *should* have it but currently doesn't, due to WME being a bit slow to add it...

Beta users: featureType -> getFeatureType() migration for layer objects.

3.201 (20220111)
All users: Restores native turn instruction entries in segment edit history.

3.200 (20220108)
All users: one.network URL fix no longer alters any other text which accompanies the URL. Clickify code now avoids treating certain strings as URLs when they aren't. Further improvements to segment history enhancement.

3.199 (20220101)
All users: Hide PURs within AM areas filter also now gains the ability to exclude the AM area of the logged-in user. Bugfix for enhanced sgement history display.

3.198 (20211222)
All users: Hide URs within AM areas filter can now exclude the AM area of the logged-in user. Enhanced segment history now shows TBR change details.

3.197 (20211221)
All users: Hides the new native AM list when the "Show AMs in topbar" option is selected. AM list now only shows AM names once if they've got overlapping areas. Hide segment layer option now works again. Segment popup now shows lane count/width details. Further enhancements to the segment edit history.

UK users: Fixes the broken URLs in one.network MP descriptions.

3.196 (20211030)
All users: URs and PURs can now be filtered if they're within any managed areas.

3.195 (20210829)
All users: Corrects behaviour of enhanced history on turn guidance entries if user doesn't have WMEFixUI installed...

3.194 (20210827)
All users: Delete closures button now works on closures that don't have a description. Fixed positioning of UR popups. Added enhanced history for lane guidance updates. Compatibility fixes for latest WME release.

3.193 (20210703)
All users: Adds a +7 day closure clone option alongside the existing +1 day one. Adds option to have the closure list autoscroll to the end. Compatibility fix for the latest subtle tweaks to the native closure UI design...

3.192 (20210403)
All users: Feed filter keyword filtering now uses regex.

3.191 (20210218)
All users: Improved segment popup formatting, particularly when more data is present than would normally fit onscreen...

Beta users: Removed reference to a recently deleted object.

3.190 (20210102)
All users: Hidden objects remain hidden at all zoom levels.

3.189 (20210101)
All users: Place filtering works again.

Older release notes removed due to limits on how much text can be included here...