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Overlays UR, MP and PU markers onto Livemap

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Waze LiveMap extension to display UR and map problem markers, with similar filtering capabilities as provided by my URO+ extension. Whilst these markers are displayed natively in the map editor, having them displayed on the livemap as well allows larger areas of the map to be quickly scanned for issues.

3.2 (20220808)
UR popup shows the report ID to help cross-referencing within WME. Adds some extra details to routing results. "Hide Livemap markers" option now also hides traffic highlights.

3.1 (20220206)
Reduced sizes of the map areas used to request report data, to minimise the risk of reports being missed. UI position now gets initialised regardless of whether or not the user is logged-in, to avoid it ending up off-screen if your browser window size has reduced since the last time you needed to log-in. Updated username and logged-in status checks to account for changes in how this information can be retrieved within the Livemap environment.

3.0 (20210207)
Compatibility update - all UI styling now applied in a CORS-compliant manner.

2.33 (20201220)
@include update to account for the inexplicable change in the livemap URL...

2.32 (20191128)
Compatibility update.

2.31 (20190807)
Compatibility update, and added alt+left click handler on markers to open a WME tab at the marker location.

2.30 (20190518)
Changed setTimeout/setInterval calls for compatibility with recent Chrome/Tampermonkey updates

2.29 (20190403)
Automatically closes the annoying app advertising banners that now seem to be shown every time the Livemap site is loaded...

2.28 (20190130)
Compatibility fixes for the new Livemap site (is there an echo in here?)

2.27 (20181126)
Compatibility fixes for the new Livemap site

2.26 (20180722)
Compatibility fixes for the new Livemap site

2.25 (20180412)
Long overdue compatibility fixes...

2.24 (20160202)
Restores correct styling to LMUR UI elements...

2.23 (20160129)
Residential PURs are now shown and can be filtered. For PURs with multiple change requests, the details popup now lists the types of each request rather than just the first one.

2.22 (20160104)
Yellow "cached area" tint can be disabled. Areas queued for data retrieval are now tinted grey. PUR filtering fixed for latest WME changes. Support for "Road closure" MPs.

2.21 (20150317)
Added age filtering for PURs.

2.20 (20150302)
Turn problems supported again.

2.19 (20150125)
UI starts up completely minimised. UR ages now match those shown by URO+. URs can now be filtered by custom tags ([NOTE], [EVENT] etc) in their comments. URs for which the server has yet to return comment data can now be shown or hidden, and their popup also indicates that comment data is not yet available. Instances where duplicate copies of UR data is returned from the server will no longer cause multiple markers to be created for those URs.

2.18 (20150108)
Turn problems are now hidden when the master MP filter is disabled but other markers are still being rendered. Added option to disable marker clustering. All data requests are now asynchronous to improve UI responsiveness.

2.17 (20141126)
Correctly initialises all UR object parameters on uncommented URs - this should stop them showing up when the filter options suggest they should be hidden, or vice versa...

2.16 (20141124)
Removed "Petrol Station Checker" UR filter option. Cache decay period is now user-definable. Automatic selection of download server (row, usa or il) can now be overriden. Data visualisation now occurs without user needing to drag/zoom. Settings are now preserved if user reloads the Livemap session whilst logged-out. Script no longer busy-waits when user logs-in.

2.15 (20141122)
Major reworking of the data retrieval code. Implemented filtering for URs with/without descriptions. All settings are remembered from one session to the next. JS console debug output can be toggled on or off by clicking the version number at the top of the LMUR UI.

2.14 (20141029)
Now supports Place Update Requests (PURs). UR, MP and PUR filter UIs can be individually collapsed/expanded.

2.13 (20141024)
Compatibility fix for recent LiveMap update. Master enable checkbox now remembers its state during UI minimise/maximise operations. Download link finally updated to point to the correct location...

2.12 (20141012)
Overlay can now be enabled/disabled from UI titlebar

2.11 (20140927)
Strips HTML from UR descriptions and usernames (for URs submitted via Livemap by a logged-out user) to avoid the risk of unexpected script behaviour.

2.10 (20140902)
Adds filtering options for latest custom URs (closures, notes etc.)

2.9 (20140607)
Reinitialises LMUR UI if it gets closed by Livemap redrawing the container element (e.g. when closing the Route Options window)

2.8 (20140601)
Now only applies the "hide if last comment made less than nn days ago" filter to URs which have comments. First release on GreasyFork.

2.7 (20140223)
URs can now be filtered by the number/type of comments attached to them. Optimised server access requests. Script now requires user to be logged-in at all times.

2.6 (20140216)
All "resolved" markers are now shown with a white circle background to visually differentiate them from unsolved markers, and can also be hidden independently of the other filtering options.

2.5 (20140102)
Fixed UI styling issues. Optimised cache reloads to improve responsiveness. Routes are now shown when "Hide Livemap markers" option is ticked.

2.4 (20140102)
Fix for latest behind the scenes code reorganisation...

2.3 (20131020)
Tweak to UI layout code

2.2 (20131015)
No longer blocks the native Report a problem/permalink/etc popup when "Hide Livemap markers" is ticked. Automatically refreshes data every 30s for the 3 degree x 3 degree area in the centre of the map, fades out visualisation of data that hasn't been refreshed, and discards it entirely after 300s. Marker popups include a comment on when the data for that marker was last refreshed.

2.1 (20131013)
Enabled for localised Livemap URLs. Replaced auto show/hide UI functionality with manual controls to prevent unwanted scrolling of UI on systems unable to show full height UI.

2.0 (20131012)
Rewritten to support new Livemap site.

1.8 (20130822)
Support regex searching of keywords.

1.7 (20130820)
Supports new "Blocked road" URs. Improved startup behaviour when running on non-secure URL.

1.6 (20130525)
Map problems can now be filtered by their severity (i.e. what colour their markers are in WME)

1.5 (20130516)
Turn problem markers are now visible again, and map problem markers have reverted to squares...

1.4 (20130327)
User settings are now saved between sessions.

1.3 (20130326)
Prompts user to switch to HTTPS server if required. At zoom levels of 4 and below, clusters of 10 or more markers are replaced by black circles showing the number of markers within that cluster, reducing rendering time and visual clutter.

1.2.1 (20130323)
Fixed keyword filtering. Marker popups now remain in view if marker is close to bottom or right-hand edge of the livemap.

1.2 (20130319)
Problem marker filtering now works for all problem types. Enabled display of URs and problems outside of the users editable area.

1.1.1 (20130319)
Problem marker filtering should now work OK in "Show" mode...

1.1 (20130318)
Added keyword filtering to UR markers, and type filtering to both URs and map problem markers, replicating and improving on the filtering options in the UROverview script.

1.0 (20130226)
UR, map problem and turn problem markers can now be individually enabled/disabled. UR markers can be filtered by age. UR markers changed from squares to diamonds (this allows each of the three marker types to be differentiated both by colour AND shape).

0.9 (20121228)
Fixes marker misalignment issue if map is nudged to provide space for a Waze-generated event popup.

0.8 (20121219)
Adds support for Turn Problems (these are marked on the map as green circles). Fixes the marker misalignment issue if the map is panned quickly.

0.7 (20121218)
Re-enables use of Search Address/Get Directions Livemap functions. Now loads UR/problem data for a 3 degree x 3 degree square centred on the current livemap centre position, caching all data loaded during this browser session and highlighting each of the 1x1 degree cached data squares in pale yellow. Fixes UR/problem pop-up non-appearance issue if the livemap window has been scrolled.

0.6 (20121125)
Now handles the occasional instance where Waze returns partial data for other users in addition to the full data for the logged-in user (the end result of which was that the script would trigger its "unable to access..." error handler despite the server having sent all the required data)

0.5 (20121120)
URs and problems now have simple overview popups, fixed problem getting UR etc data in northern parts of the UK (the same problem almost certainly existed in other areas of the map as well...), and moved script info/checkbox up to top of livemap

0.4 (20121104)
managed/editable area rendering code no longer triggers the "Unable to access UR/problem data on server" error, and now also handles editable areas which are defined as multiple smaller areas (this is why the editable area highlight could disappear and reappear as you panned across certain areas of the map at certain zoom levels). Code is now event driven

0.3 (20121104)
shows the managed and editable areas for the currently logged-in user

0.2 (20121017)
adds markers for map problems, should now work on NA server, prompts user to login if not already logged-in

0.1 (20121017)
initial release on