Title Manager

Manage page titles per (sub)domain. On any website, click Greasemonkey > User Script Commands > Title Manager's menu.

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Easily manage page and tab titles, per (sub)domain. To open Title Manager's menu, click on Greasemonkey > User Script Commands > Title Manager's menu.

Besides window and tab titles, it also affects offered bookmark names and offered file names when saving web pages.
Turns this: Tabs before
into this: Tabs after

On any website where you'd like to modify page titles, maybe trim useless words, open Title Manager's menu.
- To add a new rule, open Title Manager's menu and fill in the fields, than click "Add" or "Add as regex", depending if you used regular expressions.
Tip: If you just want to trim some words, edit the "Search for:" field to only contain those words and click on "Add". Job done. ;)
- To remove a rule you already have, open Title Manager's menu, click "View and manage all title rules", find the rule you wish to remove and click the Remove button next to it.
- To modify/update a rule you already have, open Title Manager's menu and just enter new values. After clicking "Add", it will automatically update your old rule.
- To export your list, open Title Manager's menu, click "View and manage all title rules", click "Prepare for export". Select all text on the page (Ctrl-A) and choose Copy (Ctrl-C). Then save that text anywhere you want, perhaps in a new file.

Explanation of menu options and inner workings.
1) Domain must be specified, only these characters are allowed:
- letters of English alphabet (a-z);
- numbers (0-9);
- underscore (_), minus (-), and period (.).
If entered domain is not valid by these criteria, the adding operation will abort.

What you enter in the domain field will be matched against the domain part of URLs, but it need not be a full domain in order for match to be valid. For example, given a domain rule of "userstyles.org", the rule will match any of the following:

- http://userstyles.org/whatever
- http://forum.userstyles.org/whatever
- http://userstyles.org.nyud.net/whatever

But it will never match something like this:


This is by design. It suits my needs and it allows you to have different rules for each subdomain.

2) Search for must be specified. You can use plain text or a regular expression.
If you enter a regular expression, use "Add as regex" button. Regex will be case insensitive.

3) Replace with is optional. Leave empty to simply erase the "Search for" text.
If using regular expressions, you can utilize $1, $2, $n notation to replace with captured groups.

4) "View and manage all title rules" will replace the current page with the manager.

5) X closes the menu.

Explanation of the manager ("View and manage all title rules"):
1) Import. You can import multiple rules for websites at once by entering a list into the textarea and clicking "Import".
Tip: To get you started, you can import a list from here: https://greasyfork.org/forum/discussion/32/importing-list-and-creating-rules
2) Sort. If you have two or more rules, there will be a "Sort" button to sort them alphabetically.
3) Remove. Remove button next to each rule deletes that rule.
4) Prepare for export. It will prepare your list for simple copying / "exporting".