YouTube Intro Skipper

Skip youtubers long intros with set-up rules (coded)

Riccardo Geraci
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Intro Skipper Description Greasyfork

Very tiny and simple script, written in vanilla javascript with Tampermonkey.

Probably (99% likely) requires you to have the Tampermonkey Extension installed into Chrome, or similar for other browsers (untested) This is because it may use some GreaseMonkey stuff.

Whenever you watch YouTube videos on a daily basis you get bored of watching the same intro over and over again. So to solve this I made a simple script which allows you to press a hotkey or hotkey combination to skip said intro.

Just count how long the intro lasts and then enter the name the youtube channel exactly as it is spelled (not case-sensitive) into the 'IntroLengths' array encased in quotes, followed by a comma and the time in seconds of the intro (No quotes).

Have a look at this for full detail of that:

I have it setup with the '\' key (See at 'HOTKEY' declaration) It has two \\ (backslashes) because just one is seen as a escape character, this is not the case for any other key, just a javascript thing, as well as many other languages.

You can change this to what key you like and add more YouTubers to the 'rules' array. (See 'IntroLengths')

Then when you see the intro begin just hit your chosen hotkey to increment the video with the your supplied seconds.

var IntroLengths = ["NIkkiandJohnVLOG", 16, "HouseholdHacker", 4, "CrazyRussianHacker", 4];

CrazyRussianHacker has a intro of 4 seconds, hence the 4 after the comma.

Hope this helps at least a little bit.

R.F Geraci.