[Www] [Worker] Mturk Dashboard

Modifies the Www and Worker MTurk dashboard.

As of 2017-12-07. See the latest version.

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This script provides multiple additions to your dashboard.

Today's Projected Earnings

  • Shows your projected earnings for today.
  • Click the "Today's Projected Earnings" link to recalculate. Asks for confirmation, no page reload required.
  • "Today's Projected Earnings" will get a red background if it missed a HIT and requires a recalculation.
  • The Details link toggles the visibility of the "Today's Projected Earnings Details" menu.
  • Click the "(Forum Export)" text to have a neatly generated export copied to your clipboard to share on the forum.
  • Today's Projected Earnings
    Today's Projected Earnings Recalculation Needed
    Today's Projected Earnings Details
    Today's Projected Earnings Details Export

    Today's Bonuses

  • Shows your projected bonuses for today.
  • It will be inaccurate the first day if you got bonuses before the script was ran.
  • Today's Bonuses


  • Shows a bar for how much progress you have made on your goal and how much more you need or how far past goal you are.
  • Double click the progress bar to set your goal.
  • Goal

    Best/Worst Case

  • Shows how many HITs rejected it will take to drop you below 99% and 95%.
  • Shows what your approval rating will be if all of your HITs approve.
  • Best/Worst Case

    Real Stats

  • Changes the approval and rejected rating to 4 digits rounded instead of 1.
  • Real Stats


  • Show you changes on your dashboard for Approved HITs, Bonuses, Total Earnings, Earnings Available for Transfer and HITs HITs Submitted, Approved, Rejected, Pending.
  • Changes


  • Adds the total amount you have made in 2016 to the "Total Earnings By Year" drop down.

  • They all are independent of one another so you can comment out the functions if you don't want that specific part of the script to run.