WME Street to River PLUS

This script create a new river landmark in waze map editor (WME). It transforms the the geometry of a new unsaved street to a polygon.

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The script is designed as a helper for creating river/railroad landmarks for the free Waze navigation system. The script transforms the geometry of a new unsaved street to a river or railroad landmark. You can predefine the width and the name for the new landmark in the form of a special street name.

Mini how-to:

To add a new river:

  • Install this script and go to WME.
  • Draw a new street but do not save the street.
  • Add and apply a street name to define the rivers name and width. This step is optional.
    Example: 20m Spree creates a 20 meters wide river named Spree
  • Select the helper street.
  • Click the Street to river or Street to railroad button.
  • Delete the helper street.

To expand an existing river:

  • Draw a new Street that starts inside an existing river, but do not save the Street.
    Make sure that you see on map the begining of the Street (the instersection point of the street and the river)
  • Select the helper Street.
  • Click the "Street to river" button.
  • Delete the helper Street.
  • Edit the new landmark as you like.

If you have comments or suggestions please let me know in Waze Forum

Version 16.07.25

  • Minor fix: Compatibility problem - BETA

Version 16.07.21

  • Minor fix: Compatibility problem

Version 16.07.20

  • Minor fix: Beta Editor

Version 16.06.20

  • Auto-delete helper street
  • Minor Slovak language adjustment.

Version 16.06.06

  • New language added: Slovak.

Version 16.06.11

  • Remove auto-added city from newly created river.

Version 16.06.08

  • Minor fix.

Version 16.06.06

  • New language added: Italian.

Version 16.05.12

  • Solves: Cannot expand an existing river inside another landmark.

Version 16.03.30

  • Fix Firefox compatibility problems.

Version 15.05.01

  • Fix compatibility problems with new Waze Editor.

Version 15.04.12

  • Minor fix to Português (Brasil) translation.

Version 15.04.05

  • New language added: Português (Brasil).

Version 14.11.08

  • New language added: Polish.

Version 14.07.02

  • Fix compatibility problems with new Waze Editor (Places)

Version 14.07.01

  • Partially fix compatibility problems with new Waze Editor (Places)

Version 14.06.03

  • New language added: Czech.

Version 14.06.02

  • New language added: Hungarian.
  • Namespace updated.

Version 14.06.01

  • Fix: script not working if the map have one or more "Place (point)".

Version 14.05.01

  • Multilingual interface: English, Spanish, Russian and French.
  • Hyperlink to Waze forum added

Version 14.04.01

  • Fix saving problem after changing river size
  • Street to Railroad button removed

Version 14.03.01

  • Fix compatibility problems with new Waze Editor (Places)