Barefoot Essentials

Adds many enhancemnts to the website

Daniel Walker
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Barefoot Essentials for is a userscript which enhances the website. Here are some of the features and enhancements this script provides:


  • The navigation bar at the top of the website can be made to fade or slide away while you're not using it
  • The drop-down menu on the navigation bar is now instant
  • Links are added to the drop-down menu to allow you to go directly to your shelf, game list, wishlist or gifts
  • Notifications for game updates, private messages and/or forum replies can be suppressed, so that you see only the notifications you're interested in seeing


  • By popular demand, forum topics that appear to be giveaways can be grouped and listed separately from other topics
  • A new custom forum theme has been added, allowing you to make the forum look more like GOG's community wishlist. More themes will be added later.

Forum topics

  • "Quick post" and "quick reply" make it easier write posts
  • Adds support for spoiler tags
  • Added shortcut keys for bold, italic, underline, hyperlinks and spoilers to make it easier to format your posts
  • Added a post preview that updates in real-time while you type
  • A selection of alternate styles to make quoted text easier to read
  • Clicking on your own forum title now takes you to your settings page, where you can change your title and other details
  • Clicking on any user's avatar will allow you to see the avatar in full size
  • Notes indicating when a post was last edited are presented in a more discrete manner

Game cards

  • Adds links to Wikipedia, GogDB and PCGamingWiki, for you to learn more about each game

Game list and shelf

  • The number of games in your collection can be set to be permanently visible, instead of visible only when you have new or updated games in your collection

Integration with GOGWiki, the community-run wiki for

  • On request, this userscript can examine your game collection and wishlist and send it to GOGWiki for you to share with the world (but only if you tell it to)
  • In the forum, you can click on any user's username to go to his/her GOGWiki page (mentioned above)
  • A link to each game's GOGWiki page is added to its "gamecard" page on (mentioned above)
  • Can allow GOGWiki to announce your birthday (disabled by default, to respect your privacy)