WME Context Menu

A right-click popup menu for editing segments. Currently integrates with WME Speedhelper and Road Selector to help make it even easier and faster to edit the map.

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WME Context Menu is a convenient right-click popup aimed to help make it easier and faster to edit the map. It copies segment names directly to clipboard and currently integrates with WME Speedhelper and WME Road Selector to enhance their functionality. Simply right-click on a segment to bring up the menu.

Ideas for other integrations are welcomed. You can make requests or report issues at this forum link.

*** This script is a work in progress *** A more useful copy to clipboard and paste menu coming "soon"... Somewhat similar to the "Copy Segment Attributes" function in Toolbox, but the focus will be on making an easier interface for selectively editing and/or merging names and cities of multiple segments, including alternates...


  • You can right click on multiple segment selections
  • Press 1, 2, or 3 on keyboard to quickly switch panels: (1) copy to clipboard, (2) WME Road Selector or (3) WME Speedhelper/Speed Limit Editor.
  • Pin and drag menu (almost) anywhere

Tips for "Edit Speed Limits" Panel

  • Add/remove speed limit signs by clicking on the pencil icon
  • Right click on node A or B to add speed limit in A or B direction
  • Sign buttons will automatically adjust SLs to mph/kph in WME based on country

*** Note: *** WME Road Selector and WME Speedhelper are not required for installing the script, but installing them might improve your experience

If you do not have WME Road Selector installed, the button does nothing If you do not have WME Speedhelper installed, the script will create some customizable speed limit signs for you to use