Quality of Life changes for Diamond Hunt Online

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What is this?

This script makes some quality of life changes to Diamond Hunt Online
Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DiamondHunt/comments/40232t/userscript_diamond_hunt_qol_quality_of_life/


  • Clickable links in the chatbox. This uses a fairly basic regex pattern that won't catch every single possible link, but it does the job for the most part.
  • Less market clutter! Only the cheapest 5 of each type of item will be listed in the market. Your own items do not count towards this limit.
  • Market exclusion list, removes all listings by any specific users, "justanoob", is included by default to hide his annoying oil as well as "nogresh" and "faggots" as they seem to no longer play.
  • Rocket timer! Gives you a fairly accurate timer for your rocket instead of just showing a distance. This is calculated using average distances traveled per second for each specific portion of the trip (speeds vary) which are subject to RNG so it can never be 100% accurate but it's very close. (shout out to Kronokiller for helping me collect data)
  • Furnace timer! Your furnace will now give you an exact time until completion alongside the percentage. The furnace icon is replaced with the icon of whatever you're currently smelting.
  • Improved timers, farming, and exploring timers will now take the donor perks into account if you have them, showing you a more accurate time to completion (potions and spells that adjust times are not currently taken into account)
  • Timer formatting, most timers in the game are now displayed in HH:MM:SS format, rather than just showing you the minutes remaining
  • New indicators telling you if you have artifact potions or an explorer's potion active.
  • Improved coin swapping functionality, left click your coins icon to convert to plat, left click your plat icon to convert to coins
  • Craft multiple rocket fuel barrels if you have more than 200m oil with a refinery, or 100m oil without one, crafts one like normal otherwise.
  • Ctrl + Click an item to bring up the option to discard it
  • Wealth Evaluator, navigate to your key items and click on the wealth evaluator to get to get an estimate of the value of all of your tradable items.
  • Spam Filter, filters out messages from the chat that are deemed to be spam, either based on their content, or based on the fact that the sender is sending too many messages too quickly. The worst offenders will be automatically muted & reported.
  • PM Mode, toggleable chatbox mode that displays only your private messages and allows you to easily reply.
  • Market Price Tooltips for every tradable item!
  • NPC Selling Failsafe, prevents you from selling more than max coins worth of items in one shot so you don't lose your valuable wealth!
  • Other features, such as disabling the option to sell brewing ingredients in the brewing tab, disabling the option to bind equal or lower tier furnaces and ovens if you have promethium or higher bound, and spoilers for treasure maps!
  • And more, coming soon!