WME KeepMyLayers

Resets WME layers to the way you want them, plus other fancy stuff (and bonus features for Beta WME testers).

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!!! Broken !!!

Keep My Layers no longer works with current versions of WME, and its core feature is in the new WME anyway. However, the code is kept here for posterity. Anyone is free to use any parts of the code, though a quick shoutout to me would be appreciated but not expected.

KeepMyLayers automatically (or manually) resets layers in WME to previously saved presets. It can also remove locale specifications from permalinks and apply a few minor visual enhancements to native WME layers. Some bonus features have been added for Beta WME testers.

If you don't need all of KmL's functions, you can get just the simplified PL feature (removes layers and filters in WME PLs):

KeepMyLayers auto-reset works the best when it is the first script to run in Tamper/GreaseMonkey.

In TamperMonkey: Dashboard > Click on WME KeepMyLayers > Script Settings tab > Change "Position" setting to 1

In GreaseMonkey: Manage User Scripts > Right-click WME KeepMyLayers > "Execute first"

Main feature list

  • Prevent permalinks from changing your layer setting
  • Save several layer presets
  • Preset Switcher Menu
  • Preview/hide layers from clicked permalinks (eye icon under Layers menu)
  • Apply minor visibility adjustments to cities, area-managers, and/or roads layers
  • Intercept locales in permalinks
  • Simplify permalinks (PL icon is clickable even when stuck on the darkened save screen)

Bonus features for Beta WME testers

  • Add s Beta-Production WME toggle into the side-panel for forcing permalinks to load in your desired editor
  • Beta-Prod–friendly, simplified PLs allow flexible switching between editing modes without disabling the toggle
  • Sync KmL preferences and layer presets between Beta-Prod editors

Caution: Still somewhat in beta testing! Bug reports and/or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.