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GitHub Dark in userscript form, with a settings panel

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2016-10-18

Works awesome

It has a proper regex set to match against the URL. Huge plus.

Posted: 2016-11-16

We're glad you're finding it useful! :smile:

Posted: 2017-09-12

Yes, that's a very good script!

Posted: 2018-01-08
Edited: 2018-01-08

I appreciate your dark background image.... but ,
i have just a problem with a "white Flash" (a white background of the page on load).

Against that i make just an userstyle with:
body {
background: #121212 !important;

Have you an other solution ?

Posted: 2018-01-09

@decembre Please see this issue... I think the best solution now would be to install the GitHub-Dark usercss directly from the GitHub repo.

Posted: 2018-01-09

Thanks for the info !
i make an userstyle with your css (The RAW CSS):
Github Dark v1.20.13
And all is perfect.

About the delay:
"The userscript is executed after the userscript engine determines if it needs to be run, then the script checks and injects the stylesheet. Whereas Stylus/Stylish can almost immediately inject the stylesheet on document start."

That's a problem which can be solved by a bug report to Mozilla ?

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